5 Reasons Why Every Man Needs A Gold Watch

It’s quite interesting how the wristwatch was labeled a silly trend. In fact, it was considered women’s fashion until soldiers got tired of searching for their pocket watches and started wearing them like bracelets. Now, we get the occasional question about the relevance of a wristwatch. What’s the point if you can simply check your phone for the time?

Glancing at your wrist takes less effort than fishing through your bag or checking your pocket to see the time on your phone screen. There are special occasions where keeping a phone hidden is like an unspoken rule. For example, would you feel more comfortable pulling your phone out of your pocket or sneaking a glance at your wrist during a wedding or funeral? It sends the wrong message. These events tend to have sentimental meaning and you really don’t want to come off as impatient. Imagine giving the impression that you’d rather be somewhere else by pulling out your cell phone. The same goes for important business meetings. A watch is convenient and serves its core purpose without being a distraction. 

The Chadwick Timepiece

A man of distinction is never fully dressed without his timepiece. You can always count on a watch to add a classy, sophisticated touch to your outfit. The variety of styles also means you’ll never get bored, especially when it comes to gold watches. Not to exaggerate, but they’re in a league of their own. There are so many benefits to owning a gold watch, and we’re not just referring to the precious metal. Some men prefer genuine gold, while others opt for gold-tone versions of other metals. Here are 5 reasons why every man should own a gold timepiece. 

Conversation Starter

It’s better to be looked over than to be overlooked. The right outfit can open doors, and in certain settings, a nice watch can start a conversation without you even saying a word. If you’re a man who wants to stand out the second you enter the room, then you need a gold watch in your jewelry collection.  

The Chadwick Gold Wooden Timepiece

Imagine wearing a gold timepiece like The Chadwick. Superior craftsmanship, wood accents, and a touch of leather on the dial? Someone’s bound to notice the watch face and the stylish gold band with ebony wood. They will compliment the unique design and ask you where you bought it. You’ll keep the conversation going by mentioning A Few Wood Men and talking about the inspiration behind such an exquisite gold wooden watch. Who wouldn’t want to hear how the “X” on the dial represents the famous “Wakanda Forever” pose, or how the gold speaks to the wealth of a fictional place that every black person admires? But wait… you wouldn’t stop there. Maybe you’ll talk about the Black Panther movie and how the plot correlates with social issues that black people are currently facing. Before you know it, your network has another entrepreneur or you’ve gained a friend. Now that is a conversation worth having.

You’d be surprised how many opportunities arise from random interactions like these. That’s probably the most important reason why every man should own a gold watch. You never know who you’re going to meet at the local café, on the train, while dining at a restaurant, or at a conference for work. Your gold watch doesn’t need to be too flashy when you accessorize. You will stand out in the crowd with a quiet conversation starter on your wrist. A gold watch always speaks for itself, and you’ll be surprised how many people will talk back. 

A Symbol Of Luxury, Wealth & Success

The Montez Timepiece

Ever had the pleasure of chatting with investors? They will go on and on about stocks, bonds, and even gold. It is said that gold is one of the safest investments because it’s a universal symbol of wealth and luxury. Sure, the value might fluctuate, but it always stands firm in the end. So a gold timepiece being a symbol of success, luxury, and wealth makes sense. Gold watches have been status symbols for so long that they paint a certain picture of those who enjoy wearing them. 

Most rappers who land a hit and get signed go for gold chains, watches, and rings. That’s how the world knows they’ve finally made it! A gold watch is a strong indicator of popularity and success. There are even sites that cover the best luxury watch brands in hip-hop and they’ll mention a few successful rappers like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nas who got their hands on limited edition pieces. There are quite a few media who have covered the most iconic watches in hip-hop and gold is definitely on the list. 

It’s not even just rappers. Everyone enjoys celebrating milestones. We’ve had quite a few orders for The Montez and they’re personalized with heartfelt congratulatory messages. A new job, a business venture that finally acquired funding, a promotion at work… you name it! Someone is either getting or buying a gold watch to celebrate a huge accomplishment. Having a gold watch on your wrist is a constant reminder of the hard work it took to get to where you are today. That’s a good enough reason to have a gold watch in your collection. 

The Patek Philippe Super Complication  Gold Watch

Now there’s a different kind of luxury associated with gold watches, and we’re talking about the type that’s reserved for auction houses. Watch collectors who find joy in exceptional craftsmanship will go to great lengths to get their hands on rare watches, especially if they’ve been around for centuries. The Patek Philippe Super Complication is by far the most expensive gold watch on record with a whopping $26 million price tag. The 18-karat hand-crafted piece was designed by Patek Philippe in 1933 for a banker named Henry Graves Jr. It’s hand-crafted and took roughly 5 years to complete. That’s a long time to spend crafting a single timepiece. With 24 mechanical features that go beyond simply keeping time, including a chronograph with various functions for every single hour of the day, it holds the record for the most complicated watch ever made. No wonder it’s so expensive! 

Let’s be clear though - you don’t need an Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Roger Dubuis, or a Rolex gold watch to look classy. Most luxury watch brands focus on exclusivity or catering to the one percent. If your pocket is deep enough, then go for it. But budget-friendly brands like Timex, A Few Wood Men, Seiko, and Casio have stunning gold watches to add that sophisticated touch to your outfit. Our wooden watch collections have several gold-tone stainless steel pieces that will elevate your style. A nice gold watch doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. 

Gold Watches Are Versatile

Gold watches are versatile

It’s not easy to find a watch for different events. A silver watch might add the right touch to your work attire but fall short for a big day like your wedding. You can purchase a watch with a blue or red design on the dial and find that you still have to reach for something else when going to work. Having to own so many pieces to look appropriate for several occasions can be exhausting and stressful. That’s why it’s so important for every man to own a gold watch. 

A gold watch will always accentuate your look, once styled properly. Gold is that tone that goes with most, if not all colors so you'll spend less time being indecisive and more time embracing your most fashionable self. Gold watches are versatile enough to show your sense of style with formal outfits or casual styles. 

The Xavier Watch With Gold Accents

The variety of gold watches on the market means you have even more elegant options to choose from. There are so many different types: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and even black gold. Some people prefer two-toned gold watches, while others prefer gold accent watches like The Xavier. This timepiece can be described as having a dark, rich backdrop with a touch of gold to accessorize a man’s outfit without doing too much. Not to brag, but we’ve been told The Xavier is a favorite in our men’s collection because it is the perfect companion to a black tie event. 

Gold Watches Are Trendy & Timeless

Fashion trends are always changing like the seasons. However, some statement pieces remain constant and never go out of style. Gold watches are timeless and will always be relevant, even when the most iconic fashion accessories are being discarded by the masses. This is another reason why every man should own a gold timepiece. Decades will pass and this fashionable men's accessory will still be worn on wrists everywhere, from the simplest to the most prestigious events. 

The Montez Gold Stainless Steel Watch

No matter how dynamic or fleeting fashion today is, you can always count on a gold timepiece to survive the pile-up of outdated styles. Today’s fashion trends will be stale by next month, but with a gold watch? You really can’t say the same. They’re certainly worth the investment if they make you stylish all the time. 

Gold Watches Make Great Heirlooms

Life is way too short! That’s why we put so much effort into creating memories with the ones we love and passing down trinkets of sentimental value to the young ones. With that said, this is another reason why every man should own a gold watch. Not only are they trendy and timeless, but they’ll make great heirlooms if you take care of them.

We can’t count how many times a customer has reached out asking for the perfect timepiece they can pass onto their boy decades from now. Our recommendations always include a gold piece from our collection. Not only do they make quintessential gifts, but a gold watch with wood accents like The Chadwick or The Montez will get better with age. We like to think of them as antique embellishments for the wrist.


The Montez

Some timepieces stand the test of time better than others. No matter how you feel about heirlooms and legacy, you have to admit that a man’s memories can live on through those who knew him, especially his children. Kids tend to treasure items like their grandfather’s engraved gold timepiece from the 80s. They’re always eager to share his story too. That’s why we offer personalized engraving with our wooden watches. All you need is three meaningful lines that can inspire a meaningful conversation long after you’re gone.

A gold watch doesn’t have to be worth a fortune for it to be considered an heirloom. You just have to pass it on to someone you genuinely care for. Someone who will honor you and carry on your legacy by treasuring a keepsake for many, many years to come. 

How To Style Your Gold Watch

How to wear a gold watch

Now that you’ve gone through all the important reasons why every man should own a gold watch, let’s briefly touch on some fashion tips. We have to admit, it can be intimidating to wear a gold timepiece. Gold is bold, sometimes flashy, and can be a bit difficult to style if you have no idea what you’re doing. 

The Color Of Your Outfit

The trick to wearing the right outfit with your gold timepiece is to embrace the warmth of the metal. You can’t go wrong with black or white, but who really wants to play it safe when wearing a sophisticated gold watch? If you’re going to a black tie event or you just prefer those colors, then that’s fine. No judgment here. However, if you want to add a splash of color without overpowering your timepiece, opt for colors like brown, beige, charcoal, forest green, and slate gray. 

colors to wear with a gold watch

Rich colors like teal, wine red, purple, navy blue, and burgundy are excellent choices too. Lighter colors tend to work best with rose gold or white gold watches. There are certain shades of bright yellow that will overpower your gold timepiece. Neon colors are out of the question. We’re not even entertaining a debate about this. The glare from these colors, especially in certain settings will take the focus away from your watch. If you’re all about setting trends and making the right fashion statement, you really shouldn’t wear a color that will dazzle the eyes. You want to turn heads towards you, not away from you.

Accessories: Bracelets & Rings

When wearing a gold watch, every aspect of your outfit counts. Wearing the wrong accessories can ruin the look you’re going for. Instead of looking classy and sophisticated, you will likely look a mess. You can be bold and daring when it comes to fashion, even if you’re not too keen on style. You just need to learn what works when accessorizing your gold watch.

The Montez Gold Watch With Bracelet and Tungsten Ring

The first rule is to match your metals. If you’re wearing a yellow gold watch, ensure the gold bracelet or ring have the same tone. The Montez goes very well with The Travis Bracelet Gold and The Tony Tungsten Ring. The gold crown and charms and the bracelet match the watch links perfectly. All the colors of these three accessories work well together. Even the hues from the Tiger Eye beads compliment the wood on the watch and the KOA wood inlays of the Tungsten ring. This is undoubtedly the most enticing bundle in our men’s collection. 

We have a stylish selection of men’s bracelets that pair well with a gold timepiece. The Aaron Bracelet Gold is braided leather with gold and silver stainless steel beads. The Brian Bracelet Set is made from black stone beads and you can go with the gold or rose gold variant. The Brice and Trenton Bracelet sets have gold charms to add the right amount of glitz to your wrist. There are so many options to accessorize your gold timepiece. 

Other Accessories

Gold cufflinks and navy blue suit

Cuff links are overlooked when it comes to men’s fashion but don’t underestimate the power of these tiny accessories. We don’t know a single dapper gentleman who doesn’t enjoy wearing them with suits. They are stylish enough to compliment your gold watch which means people notice when you step out in your suit. This doesn’t mean you can throw on a pair of cufflinks and go out the door. You want to get it right so you don’t end up looking like a fashion experiment gone wrong. Follow the same rule for bracelets and rings. Always match your metallics when wearing these accessories. Apply the same fashion rule for your belt and any other accessory you’re wearing with your gold watch. 

For more tips on how to wear your gold timepiece, check out A Few Wood Men’s Gentlemen’s Guide e-book. You’ll learn how to style your accessories for the pivotal moments in your life, and so much more.

November 24, 2022