About Us

A Few Wood Men was birthed and inspired by George Lester, the grandfather of the creator, Shanayla Sweat. Known to be fashionable, trendy, and the neighborhood family dad, Shanayla was set upon finding the perfect watch for her watch collecting grandfather. She found models that she thought he would like, but realized that many of these models did not resonate with her grandfather's personal style. He is trendy, fashionable, and a family man and she wanted a watch created to represent that.

A Few Wood Men was born after a brief watch hunt for the perfect model and it has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Shanayla wanted her grandfather to always be with her and if you look close enough in the logo, you will be able to see his face.

Whether you are the fashionably noticeable corporate exec, bearded and clean cut hands-on family man, or fashionable trendsetter our products were created for you. 

Celebrate your unique, distinctive, and trendsetting men on every occasion with our wooden gifts and accessories.



A Few Wood Men