Q: Are your products all natural?

A: We provide quality products that are created from complete tender, love, and care. Our products are created from Bamboo and Natural Wood.


Q: Are your products for Men Only?

A: Our current Catalogue caters to Men, however we plan to add Women Watches and Accessories in the future.


Q: How can I maintain the quality of my watch?

A: Wearing is caring! You don't need any special cleaning cloths or polishes. You don't have to treat the wood to make it shiny. The oils from your skin gradually rub into the wood with normal wear, polishing the wood and making it shiny.


Q: How long will it take for me to receive my product?

A: We care about getting our products out as quickly as possible. Our average time frame is 12-20 days for shipping.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: To learn more information about returns, click here Return Policy.