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For a man, the ring you wear sends a message about who you are and can often symbolize social status, wealth, and association. A ring speaks out even before you do and it can say you are not available, you are a war veteran, you are an upcoming fashion mogul, you are a high value man with tremendous wealth, or even showcase your dedication and support to your fraternal brotherhood. This guide will show you all of the reasons why you should get a ring, the details surrounding Tungsten rings, and where to find your next Tungsten ring to add to your collection.


Why you should get a Tungsten Ring

  • A ring on your ring finger keeps unwanted advances away. It signifies you are off the market and lets you spend a night in peace, admiring and relishing your drink
  • A ring takes accessorizing with style a step further. Rings go with whatever you’re wearing and depending on the stone, metal type or finish, some masculine colors will add oomph and sophistication to your outfit-especially on suits 
  • It showcases your affiliation to a particular association or group. A ring on your pinky can be used to signify your membership of a certain club or previous association with a political party like an understated sense of belonging and pride.
  • If you are loaded enough to afford it, a fistful of bling always sets the mood and shows off your financial weight. And no harm comes from spending on yourself.

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Tungsten Men’s Rings

Known for their beveled edges, expertly sculptured comfort fits, and luxury finishes that highlight any outfit they combo with, Tungsten men’s rings are A-listed when it comes to completing the list for his wardrobe needs. 

Tungsten metal is harder than other metals used to make golden bands like platinum, gold, steel and titanium. To place a fact behind such a bold statement, Tungsten metal is only a level lower than diamond on the Mohs scale. Tungsten rings are usually composed of 85% tungsten and 15% nickel which acts as a binder to hold the ring together during creation and use.

Why Tungsten Ring Bands

  • Because of Tungsten carbide making up the rings body, these men’s engagement rings cannot bend as they are tougher than most. So, in the case of an emergency, they won’t bend and disfigure the finger instead they will break as they are brittle. Besides, hospitals have specialized equipment used to safely remove rings although pliers and a considerable amount of force will break it.
  • The polish doesn’t come off a Tungsten ring easily. You can file, sand, scratch and punish it but its shine and polish will outlast any scraping you try. This means that even on your 100th birthday, your tungsten engagement ring will look as good as new-if you took care of it.
  • Tungsten is hypoallergenic and you won’t get any ugly rash by wearing it. Speculation exists on the level of nickel in the ring capable of being allergic; the 15% is safe for use.
  • Tungsten is heavier so you’ll feel its weight until it becomes part of your aesthetic and you’re used to it. The weight behind the ring, provides a comfort fit that reminds each man of his Kingship around the household. 
  • Tungsten rings are extremely close to being shatter proof. Despite being extremely hard and dense; (ten times harder than 18k gold, 4 times harder than titanium and equal to natural sapphire hardness) they are more brittle and can shatter, but in most cases they won't. This same statement cannot be said for other metal bands. The tungsten rings technical nature, glossy shine and artistic design are part of the appeal.
  • Tungsten carbide rings are considered the highlights of bridal jewelry. And after the pomp and glamour, it won’t dent or loose shine depending on where and how you use it. So instead of finding a new job to avoid denting your ring, just buy a tungsten carbide one instead.

Where to find Tungsten rings

If you’re looking for a ring that has some nice weight to it, resists scratches from everyday activities and work, reflects your personality and style and won’t wreck your budget for a cool gift for guys on Valentine's Day, an engagement ring for New Year's or the perfect gift for him on Christmas then tungsten rings are among the best men’s gift ideas and will make him feel solid, significant, important and downright manly.

Our collection includes an exotic selection of rings varying in style, widths and inlays. Tell your love story with durable, fine-looking tungsten rings made to last every step of the way in your marriage, friendship, and partnership. Our gorgeous men’s engagement rings feature flawless texture that creates a look and a feel like no other. Whether your man prefers traditional classic styles, or a sophisticated modern look, we have all that and more.

No one does inlays like we do and it shows! Our inlays combine the toughness and spellbinding shine of Tungsten with the richness and purity of precious metals and the most satisfying element in our eyes; wood. We utilize the purest metals and next-level binding process. One touch and you can feel the nobility of Koa wood and purity of gold.

And if he loves a two-tone look and feel, our dark tungsten rings are the best of both worlds. The dramatic shine of tungsten is combined with enchanting dark contrasts. Match a pair of black tungsten rings and stand out from the crowd as a couple- Sleek, sultry and stylish.

The best tungsten men’s ring you can buy can be found here in this guide. Continue to read for a brief description of rings that can be found in our collection. 

 The Lamont Ring

This black brushed tungsten carbide and Koa wood inlay ring is a symbol of ever-flowing masculine energy. Its geometric edges are a testament to the refinement and decisive nature of a man. When it comes to appreciating a man, the Lamont ring is the perfect engagement ring for men who practice a sense of refinement and self-control. This men’s gift idea feature is perfect for them man who knows and practices order.

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The Charles Ring

A symbol of righteousness and divine strength. The Charles tungsten ring features Koa wood inlays and an inscribed arrow. Like he who wears it, the arrow never goes backward, it only moves forward and keeps moving farther. When deciding a cool gift for guys on valentine’s day, The Charles tungsten men’s ring is the perfect appreciation gift for him as it reflects on his healthy spiritual side.

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 The Samuel Ring

An ecstatic 4 layered-design combining Koa wood inlays, polished stainless steel and brushed Tungsten carbide. The Samuel men’s ring represents a grounded man. It is crafted for the man powerful and collected enough to triumph over any challenge coming his way. The Samuel is for the flexible man who carefully and meticulously picks his battles and relies on his inner strength and abilities. As an appreciation gift for him, the Sterling shows that you notice and appreciate his resilience and composure.

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The Tristan Ring

A symbol of strength, emotional stability and straightforwardness. The Tristan Tungsten ring is molded for those focused on progressive change and personal discipline. The arrow with dual Koa wood inlay is a symbol of progressive growth and movement. The Tristan ring is a touch of elegance available in a variety of colors suitable for every man. This incredible engagement ring is the ideal appreciation for the man who boldly and calmly goes about life, touching everything with a familiar masculine energy.

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The Emmanuel Ring

Combines the brilliance of tungsten, the luxe of rose gold and the timelessness of Koa wood. Designed for the man who knows his worth and isn’t afraid to show it. The contrasting elements are expertly blended into one eye-catching jewelry masterpiece. Its rustic look is a special highlight when picking out men’s gift ideas to celebrate your anniversary or valentine’s day, the Chris ring will highlight your love and commitment to your union. And it also shows that you have an eye for style.

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Committing to more than a lifetime of happiness

Rings are an essential part of every man’s outfit and accessory collection today. They appear little but depending on their design and look, a ring can be worth more than a simple accessory. Rings have been worn through time and todays modern man wears it with style.

Jewelry today has made it easier to extract, curve out and design a ring. Tungsten rings today are crafted with a modern and unique design that features a masculine style that makes every outfit pop. We have an exciting collection of Tungsten men’s rings. Our incredible selection of men’s engagement rings is designed to matches every style, sophistication and vibe.

Tungsten rings designed to represent commitment and integrity or purely, a minimalist beacon of style and masculine energy. When choosing a ring, choose one with a lifetime warranty so if you outgrow it, you get a large one of the exact design. A ring can be a symbol of anything and a pair of tungsten rings as anniversary or Valentine’s Day presents for you as a couple signals a strong, endlessly shiny union-just like tungsten.

February 01, 2021