Celebrating The Sacred Father & Son Relationship

Welcome, dear souls, to a heartfelt journey celebrating the unbreakable bonds of Father & Son relationships. As the founder of A Few Wood Men, this journey has been shaped by the memories and values passed down from the strong men in my life - my grandfather, my brother, and my uncle. Today, I invite you to explore the essence of timepieces and how A Few Wood Men embraces these connections with our unique collection of wooden watches.

The Foundation: My Grandfather's Legacy and the Malcolm Timepiece

I've always believed that every great story begins with inspiration; in my case, that inspiration is my beloved grandfather, George Lester. He was the neighborhood dad, a pillar of strength, and an epitome of A Few Wood Men's essence. His unwavering love and dedication to his community touched the lives of many, including the father figures in my life.

Inspired by his timeless charm and unyielding grace, we created the Malcolm timepiece – a tribute to the men who stand tall, just like my grandfather. This watch exudes elegance and sophistication, much like the bond shared between a father and his son.

Montez's Journey: Embracing Growth with A Few Wood Men

As my youngest brother, Montez, continues to evolve as a man, I can't help but admire the way he carries himself with strength and humility. Watching him grow into a loving father himself has been a journey of pride and joy. A Few Wood Men's collection reflects the essence of his transformation – from the vibrant and bold designs that mirror his adventurous spirit to the classic and timeless pieces that symbolize his maturity.

Just like Montez, our watches are versatile, representing the stages of growth and the beauty of embracing change. This exquisite watch embodies the many facets of what I see in my brother, from refined materials that commemorate a man's journey from youth to maturity, to innovative design that conveys wisdom.

Uncle Lamont: Celebrating Diverse Father Figures

Family trees come in all shapes and sizes, and for me, my Uncle Lamont plays a vital role in the father figure department. His nurturing nature and support have touched my life in countless ways. At A Few Wood Men, we celebrate all father figures – uncles, godfathers, stepdads, and more. Our collection caters to the diversity of fatherhood, just like the numerous branches of a family tree.


I'm filled with gratitude for the men who have inspired A Few Wood Men's vision. My grandfather's legacy, my brother's growth, and my uncle's love have driven our empowering wooden watches.

A Few Wood Men accessory can be a powerful symbol of the unbreakable connection between fathers and sons. I strive to make this brand honor the precious moments of fatherhood, embodying the resilience, affection, and insight that are transmitted from one generation to the next. 

June 01, 2023