Father's Day Edition: Get Your Dad Something Useful And Classy With These 5 Tips

Heads up: Father’s Day is June 19! This means it’s time to show some love to our dads or paternal figures as much as we can. Many don’t always get to express their appreciation to their fathers every day due to work, school, and other life pursuits—and this is a good chance to celebrate our dads and thank them for their hard work and guidance.

For many of us, the expression of celebration is through gift-giving. Gifts can be made in different ways. They can be to represent a reminder of the past, something you’ve been wanting to give your dad, or a dream of the future. Gifts can be tangible or intangible and may be a celebration of warmth and love or a transformation of pain.

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Let’s admit it, choosing gifts for dads is extra challenging. Sometimes they would tell you what they need or want, and most of the time, they don’t—sometimes while telling you that spending time with you is already enough!) So, to help you thoughtfully plan what to give to your dad (ideally, both useful and classy!), we’ve listed some tips. Let’s read on!

1. Opt for Personalized Gifts

They say that personalization is key to capturing one’s heart and interest. Compared to generic gifts, you may be able to express yourself, your feelings, and your thoughts better through personalized ones.  They are more memorable and can connect on a personal level. So, whenever your dad sees them, he may be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

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On top of personal touch and an opportunity to bond over personal memories, personalized gifts are customizable in the way you want, are perfect for Father's day and other occasions, and are loved by everyone! Their nature is evidently to celebrate your relationship and life moments with your dad.

2. Keep it Simple Yet Stylish

If you are looking at balancing the idea of honoring your dad while avoiding going overboard and making them feel uncomfortable, the solution is easy—keep your gift simple yet stylish.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest gifts that mean so much, especially if given intentionally. Look for minimalist yet classy gift choices like a wooden watch, leather wallet, a jacket, and anything simple that would match their favorite color and personal style.

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3. Make it More About Him

It may be challenging at times to look for a gift that will suit your dad’s preference. So, to be able to decide easily, make the gift about him and not the gift. If your dad likes curated items, head over to a local gift shop and start looking for budget-friendly yet meaningful items that you can put inside a gift box. You can also opt for gift hampers that contain your dad’s favorites or a set of easy wear and comfortable clothing. If your dad is busy at work or always on the road, consider buying a watchbracelet, ring, necktie, flask, or something work-friendly.

4. Choose Gifts That Will Take Care of Him

Skincare products and gift sets are also good gifts to show your dad how important it is for him and his skin to be taken care of. These are also a good choice for dads who want nothing, have everything, or want to embrace the simplest skincare routine they can have.

With proper and deliberate skin care using an appropriate cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen, your dad can surely reduce his wrinkles and prevent future ones from appearing as well as address skin concerns—keeping him looking youthful and glowing.

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If you know your dad’s skin type or if he has any skin-related concerns, it will be easier for you to find the most useful skincare products like serums, moisturizers, and many more.

5. Consider Sentimental Gifts

Family setups vary. If you have more than one father, have lost your only father, or you want to include yourself as a father to yourself, consider choosing gifts in terms of time.

There are gifts that may remind you of the past, gifts that are useful for your present relationships, and gifts for future activities that can keep you hoping for the best moments in the future. Some options include a photo album containing photos showcasing your best moments and awards with him, a framed photograph to remind yourself of that memorable moment with your father who is now with his Maker, and gifts that symbolize your father’s fortitude and willpower.

Selecting Timely and Timeless Gifts

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There are multiple ways to consider to gift your father something useful or timely and classy or timeless. And nope, gifting does not have to be expensive at all. You just have to consider which ones suit your father’s preference, what gift best represents how you celebrate your relationship with him, what you think he will like, and something he might need.

Likewise, always remember that thoughtful gifts always trump the expensive ones. Thus, opt for the former.

Article contributed by Myrtle Bautista (Myrtle Writes) exclusively for A Few Wood Men.

May 24, 2022