How to Style Gold Watches for Men

Gold watches are a long way from subtle. They make a complex point, showing elegance and class. However, it tends to be difficult to match a gold watch with certain garments and jewelry. The objective is to ensure the watch is the most unique and flashy, focused part of your outfit.

Is there a correct method of wearing your favorite watch? Should your outfit match your watch? Indeed, incidentally, the design rules are a little more muddled than you might have thought, however, there are rules that you would prefer not to break.

For example, did you know that if you are going to a black-tie occasion and are wearing a tuxedo your balance, stance, and style are what truly catch the room's eye? You can't be strolling around with your unique elastic lashed calculator wristwatch, no matter how much you appreciate it. 

Given this, you might need to set aside some effort to learn more about embellishing your gold watch and ensuring that you pull off that cool, relaxed look impeccably and without defying any watch fashion and design principles. This is significant because, with gentlemen, a wristwatch is an extremely amazing accessory that could build or break any outfit. So, how do you casually wear your gold watch? And, what do you need to know about accessorizing with your gold watch?

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Our Guide to Styling a Golden Watch

After glancing through all of the style patterns and closets, we've developed and come up with the ultimate gold watch styling guide for men in 2021. There will be no more thinking about what you should wear, whether you have the right garments, or if gold watches are still considered "in" now is a perfect time more than ever to begin wearing your gold watch, and with these tips, you'll look and feel great doing it.

What Clothes Should You Wear with a Gold Watch?

A lot of people recommend that wearing formal outfits with a gold watch is the most ideal approach. After all, a gold watch is an assertion piece. You wouldn't have any desire to wear casual shorts and a shirt with something so ostentatious. Gold watches work best and look extraordinary during occasions and social affairs, so don't wear them consistently.

You should feature your gold watch by all means possible. The curiosity of wearing one consistently will wear out, as would wearing it with relaxed apparel. Instead, it would be best if you picked a suit coat with sleeves that stretch out down to the upper wrist. The watch ought to consistently be uncovered, so roll the sleeve up a little if you need to. 

Perhaps the greatest error individuals make when they're wearing a gold watch is they don't bring attention to it. Sleeves that wrap over the watch, or ones that are to some extent unfastened, don't give the appropriate focus that a gold watch ought to have.

Assuming you need to wear a gold watch with your sleeves rolled, you should bring the sleeves up to your elbow. Take a stab at doing an expert roll, also called an Italian roll, to bring consideration back to the watch. This look additionally works with almost some other watches also.

Which Colors Should You Try?

Gold watches can come in many shades. Some individuals lean toward provincial yellow, others favor rose gold, and there are even a lot of white gold watches out there. Contingent upon which shading you pick, you should base your outfit around the shade. 

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Gold is a strong, unique, and bold color, paying little mind to the color. You should try not to wear an excessive number of colors in your outfit as this will take focus and beauty from the watch. In addition, an excessive number of colors on your dresses, matched with a radiant gold watch, look shabby.

Instead, you should pick earth tones and essential tones. Dark, forest green, dark, and surprisingly light beige all look fabulous with a gold watch. Avoid dazzling yellow suits, just as anything neon.

If you're wearing a lighter shade of gold on the watch, like white or rose gold, you should try to wear marginally hazier shadings. Black, dark brown, and also royal blue would all be able to be acceptable choices. Make an effort not to wear anything too light; hence, the watch will mix in with the rest of your outfit.

Some individuals wear radiant red and profound purple with gold adornments. This is up to you, yet it's unquestionably a style articulation.

Wearing Other Jewelry With a Gold Watch

If you need to spruce up with different bits of adornments to coordinate with your gold watch, it's significant not to do it too much. You would prefer not to look tasteless and embellished. An excessive amount of gold and diamonds look poor for any event.

Additionally, try to limit the number of jewelry that you're wearing. A pair of earrings and a watch is totally fine. Rings should be worn on the opposite hand of the watch – except if it's a wedding band.

As far as the shade of each piece of adornment is concerned, it might be ideal if you try to blend it up a little. Once more, a lot of gold is off-limits. Try radiant silver, little jewels, or various shades of gold. A rose gold ring with a yellow gold watch is fine, yet don't cover a similar shade twice.

All things considered, anybody can make a decent watch to feel and look awesome. Maintain the focus on the watch, don't wear too many colors or a lot of adornments, and stay calm. Nothing says 'cheap' like somebody who wears all gold jewelry and a neon yellow suit.

Put on Light With Light and Dark With Dark

If you are out during the day consider a lighter-shaded face like white or cream. Nonetheless, around evening hours focus on hazier dials like dark, grey, or browns. Just like a tuxedo is for evening wear and you wouldn't wear it to lunch, a dark watch dial ought to be on your wrist around evening time, rather than during your 9 am tee time at the club.

The Oversized Watch is Over 

For most years, oversized watches have turned into the standard in men's style. This famous pattern just filled one need: to shout for consideration. An oversized watch overshadows your wrist, throws off the extents of your whole outfit, and doesn't "fit" well into a pleasantly combined outfit. For a watch lover, those huge dials are just to look good. Assuming you need to be viewed seriously in the realm of horology, stick to watches that fit your wrist.

Make it Fit

Like some other piece of clothing or adornment, your watch should fit you appropriately in two key manners. The size of the dial ought to be relative to your wrist, and the band should fit cozily yet comfortably. A free band looks messy, so take it to your jeweler to have it estimated to your wrist.

Match Your Metals With the Right Colors

Try and match the metals and the shades of the watch to the rest of the outfit you have on. Note the color of your belt buckles, shoe buckles, rings, collar bars or pins, and cufflinks, and pick a watch in regards to the metal. Wear yellow gold with yellow gold, and don't wear a brown band when you're wearing a dark suit. Focus explicitly on the boldest pieces of the watch; the shade of the tie, the shade of metal, and surprisingly the shade of the dial.

Wear the Right Watch For the Right Event

Generally speaking, a simple watch is liked for a dressy event as it looks tasteful and complex. Then again, a digital one fits more of a relaxed setting. As a guideline, the more muddled the watch face, the sportier the watch.

Stay Away From a Smartwatch on Formal Occasions

Regardless of allowing changing the strap, smartwatches are completely poor for fancy circumstances. It isn't just an issue of the elastic band that can undoubtedly be changed into a leather one. Maybe the rectangular watch face can kill even the best suit.

Best Watches to Wear With a Suit

Suit wear is mostly for formal events, correct? Here's the place where you'll need to whip out your dress watch. Think about the colors. Most dress watches function admirably with a dark or navy suit. A dress watch with a dark leather strap and a silver case, for instance, is an enchanting counterpart for dark tones, while a silver tie and face are incredible with a white shirt and dark coat. Dark suits function admirably combined with an all-dark watch, or considerably lighter-shaded watch face and brown strap. 

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Legacy Watches Are a Special Case For the Principles

Without a doubt, these kinds of watches represent heritage, family, and history. Treasure watches give their owner fascinating and tasteful touch.

Place Your Watch on the Non-Dominant Wrist

A man needs to wear his watch on his less dominant hand. In case you are right-handed, wear your watch on the left hand, as well as the other way around. The logic here is that the watch won't be moved around so much, which might amplify its life expectancy. It additionally implies you will still have the option to look at the time while utilizing your predominant hand for different exercises… like looking through this article.

Generally, a watch ought to be worn freely enough to permit full utilization of your wrist. The face ought to sit close to your ulna (the bone outwardly of the wrist). Your watch shouldn't jab out from underneath your shirt sleeve when you're standing comfortably. It ought to possibly appear when your arm is twisted.

Watch Styles

Dress Watch or Luxury Watch

Presently more known than any time ever, luxury dress watches are your glitz piece. They commonly include a tight face and a thin leather strap to coordinate. The dial display is normally straightforward and moderate (no extravagant chronographs or moon stages).

Field Watch

The original trench watch and field watches are intended to withstand outrageous conditions. They are intense, they are tough and they go the distance. They are also designed to be readable at night, so they highlight enormous, exceptionally decipherable dials with brilliant hands, a high-contrast black dial, and white numbering. Oversized watches are especially famous among military pilots. In light of usefulness, the case is generally stainless steel and straps in leather or material.

The 'hacking' second hand started with these military-style watches. This is a capacity that stops the second when you pull the crown to the time-setting position, permitting the wearer to set it to the second. It was developed so that fighters could synchronize their watches with each other.

Field watches are typically shrouded in dark, green, or grey PVD (physical vapor deposition)

When to Wear a Dress Watch

If you are simply truly going to own one watch, make it a dress watch. The magnificence of a men's dress watch is its adaptability, and it's as great with as it is with jeans.

Sports Watch or Dive Watch

James Bond put these folks on the map. The advanced plunging watch was intended to furnish scuba divers with a precise watch of their leftover air supply. Most dive watches are water-resistant up to something like 100 meters.

A games watch, intended for swimming as opposed to diving, perhaps waterproof however to shallower depths.

Dive watches are medium-sized, bold-face, and for the most part made of corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel. They're brilliant and adaptable enough to be dressed up or down.

The chronograph watch (actually a games watch) was developed when King Louis XVIII of France needed an exact watch for his horse races. Today, the advanced games watch is a must-have requirement accessory for sprinters, sailors, mountain climbers, cyclists, and the person needing to make every second of his day advantageous.

Like the diving watch, the game watch is most appropriate for active work and can include complications, for example, pulse screens, altimeters, compasses, barometers, and GPS tracking.

Aviation or Pilot Watch

The watches for pilots and aircraft engineers are like military watches. They're routinely medium-to-big in size and highlight a large dial with striking numerals for basic perusing in any circumstance.  You'll track down the notable triangle and two specks at noon on most pilot watches. This shine-in-the-dark feature permits pilots to rapidly track down the 12 and tell the time.

A few models include a rotating bezel with hour-long augmentations and a huge date entanglement. The chronographs on pilot watch ordinarily incorporate setup for 30-minute, 12-hour, and 60-second stretches to consider simple planning.

Digital Watch

Where a simple watch shows the time with hands, a computerized watch has a LED screen that shows time in numerals. Most advanced watches highlight a seven-fragment display and an off-road plastic or elastic band.

Even though anything digital would appear to be a generally modern-day creation, advanced mechanical wristwatches have been around since the 1920s. 

The Wooden Watch: A Category All On Its Own

In case you're searching for watches that will look extraordinary in any relaxed environment but need something less conspicuous than a racing watch, look at some of our wooden watches here at A Few Wood Men.


Wooden Watches by A Few Wood Men


Wooden watches are lovely and exceptionally flexible. They're ideally suited for weekend wear, yet when suitably styled, they can be an extraordinary wedding or business watch.

Other than being an awesome all-around watch, wooden watches are exceptional. You can customize them with your name, initials, or a message on the rear of the watch case, making it a unique family legacy.

The Kind of Watch That Goes With Everything

Like shoes, some environments require a specific style of watch. You wouldn't appear at a conference in trainers nor would you wear a larger-than-average military watch that jabs out of your business shirt.

Yet, if conferences aren't your domain, is it conceivable to have one watch that works with everything? Indeed. And that is your dress watch.

A dress watch is however sharp as it seems to be adaptable. It's your go-to for formal events (think weddings, prospective employee meetings, or a first date) yet in addition functions admirably with jeans and a shirt toward the end of the week. What's more, if you're simply going to wear one watch, you should put on a good one.

So… wear a watch… Wear a decent one, so you can take a look at it without ruining the convention of your best suit. Wear a solid one, with the goal that you can take it outside, on planes, in the water, and elsewhere your movements take you. Wear a brand new one with all the most recent innovations or wear your incredible granddad's legacy – however, wear a wristwatch.


Gold watches are exquisite, and they come in different and unique designs, implying that there is something for everybody. However, for a remarkable style, follow the tips shared above.

September 23, 2021