Derrick Evergreen Watch Gift For Men

2023 felt like the worst reality check after two years of trauma from Covid-19 and a year and a half of processing "if this is real or not"...but ironically this year feels different.

It feels new.

2024 feels like a new era, a new beginning, a new road and for many of us this allows hope. For others, it makes no difference because at the end of the day if we don’t have a way, we always find one…and that is what makes us as a people unique. That is what allows us to catapult. 

In this blog we will highlight some of the most predicted fashion and color trends for 2024 and although it may be helpful in terms of how we style ourselves, our homes, or our workspaces the trends still don't dictate, only complement who we are and what we decide for ourselves as a people.

 Chadwick Timepiece

In the dynamic realm of fashion, staying ahead of the trends is not just a statement; it's a commitment to timeless style. As we step into 2024, multiple trends are emerging to redefine men's fashion: double-breasted jackets, jumpsuits, and Bermuda shorts are just to name a few. Along with alluring style and newfound commitment to being timeless; predicted color palette of blues, pastels, and nature-inspired earth tones, these trends invite a fusion of sophistication and nature's vibrancy. In the next few paragraphs, we explore how A Few Wood Men seamlessly integrates these trends into their ethos, amplifying them with the exquisite Derrick, Chadwick, Edison, and Chauncey timepieces. The Derrick, the Chadwick, Edison, and Chauncey are the perfect gifts for him as he evolves through his journey.

2024 Fashion Trends: A Symphony of Elegance

Double-Breasted Blazer:

Double-breasted blazer have made a triumphant return, gracing runways and wardrobes with their commanding presence. A symbol of timeless sophistication, these jackets are versatile, effortlessly transitioning from formal occasions to casual outings. The deep blues forecasted for 2024 complement the classic silhouette, enhancing its regal charm. The A Few Wood Men collection aligns seamlessly with this trend, presenting timepieces that echo the grace and poise embodied by the double-breasted jacket. The double-breasted jacket is the perfect men's fashion accessory for the evolving, seasoned, and mature man who is gracefully embracing his kingship and honor as a leader and mentor. 

Man In Suit and Timepiece


Jumpsuits, once confined to workwear or utilitarian settings, are stepping into the limelight of high fashion. The clean lines and modern aesthetics of jumpsuits resonate with the contemporary man's desire for simplicity and versatility. Palettes of pastels, particularly muted tones, add a touch of sophistication to the jumpsuit trend. A Few Wood Men's timepieces, like the Chadwick, with its minimalistic design, complement this trend perfectly, becoming an extension of the men's refined style. Jumpsuits are strong, confident, and daring pieces that make a statement for the mature man confident in his style and natural abilities. The jumpsuit pairs perfectly with beaded bracelets for men of all sizes and adds a unique touch to his wardrobe. 

Bermuda Shorts:

Bermuda shorts are shedding their casual image and evolving into a wardrobe staple for the fashion-forward man. With nature-inspired earth tones dominating 2024, the shorts effortlessly blend into the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious connection with the environment. The Edison timepiece from A Few Wood Men, with its wooden accents and earthy tones, resonates with this trend, becoming an essential accessory for the man embracing Bermuda shorts with flair. Bermuda shorts allow leg day to be put to the test while also showcasing the importance of nurturing melanated skin. 

Retro Streetwear and The Chic Cardigan

There is no secret that the desire and request for more has been more apparent in how we do work, how we live, and how we love as we evolve as humans. A Few Wood Men's mission has always been to celebrate Black men through their evolution of manhood, maturity, style, stature, and kingship. Our men's fashion predictions for 2024 foresee an emergence of the mature man who welcomes style and customized clothing that makes a statement. He welcomes a defined and signature look that addresses his growth and maturity as a seasoned gentlemen with emotional intelligence that has been developed from his lifelong experiences. He is a seasoned vet, a southern gent, a gentle giant, a silver fox, and mature man that understands that the skinny jeans just won't do it for his next destination. Retro streetwear, chic cardigan, and customized clothing that may include tailored suits and fitted wear are on the 2024 horizon.

Derrick Timepiece:

The Derrick timepiece is an embodiment of refinement. Its stainless steel casing, combined with a rich natural green dial, mirrors the sophistication of the double-breasted jacket. The watch's design, much like the double breasted jacket, is a celebration of tradition with a contemporary twist, making it an ideal companion for formal occasions and power meetings. It is the perfect men's watch and accessory for men who enjoy outdoors, jazz bars and fests, men who understand funk and R&B all while remaining calm, cool, and collected. 

Derrick Nature Green Gift For Him

Chadwick Timepiece:

Eclecticism takes center stage with the Chadwick timepiece. Crafted with a sleek wooden case and a Black Panther inspired gold toned dial, it effortlessly complements the clean lines of the jumpsuit trend. This watch is a testament to the beauty of simplicity, making it an understated yet impactful accessory for the modern man. It is a standout timepiece for men of honor and integrity who know how to lead, serve, and usher in new and exciting experiences. The Chadwick timepiece is a unique gift for men who are leaders and pillars within their community that lead without question and withhold character that is never questioned because they are who they say they are. 


Edison Timepiece:

Nature-inspired earth tones find their muse in the Edison timepiece. With a wooden finish and a dial that mirrors the shades of the earth, this watch seamlessly blends with the Bermuda shorts trend. It's an accessory that not only tells time but also becomes a statement piece, connecting the mature man to the natural world. The Edison is the perfect gift for men that understand the importance of zen and make it a habit to take digital detox from online distractions. He is one with nature and even more with his body as he makes sure that self-care rituals influence him and his family's lifestyle through staycations, rest, and skin care routines. The Edison is the perfect companion that serves as a back up and assistant is the mature man improves his mental and physical capacity.

The Edison Timepiece

Chauncey Timepiece:

As an ode to versatility, the Chauncey timepiece adapts effortlessly to any trend. Its design, characterized by a fusion of stainless steel and wooden elements, resonates with the overarching theme of blending the classic with the contemporary. The Chauncey is strong and unique, but most importantly blue and filled with tranquility as it soars above. This adaptability makes it a timeless piece that complements any fashion choice, ensuring the wearer is always on trend. Designed to become the perfect gift for men on their anniversary and birthday, the Chauncey is the timepiece of the year with its uniqueness and beauty. 

Chauncey Timepiece

Why These Trends?

The resurgence of classic styles like double-breasted jackets and the evolution of utilitarian pieces like jumpsuits and Bermuda shorts can be attributed to a collective societal shift. As men seek a balance between tradition and modernity, fashion becomes a canvas for self-expression and identity. The chosen colors for 2024 – blues, pastels, and earth tones – reflect a desire for tranquility, authenticity, and a connection to nature in an increasingly fast-paced world.


In the tapestry of 2024 fashion trends, A Few Wood Men emerges as a guiding thread, weaving together elegance and contemporary style. The Derrick, Chadwick, Edison, and Chauncey timepieces stand not just as accessories but as reflections of a man's journey through time and style. These timepieces are the perfect and most unique gifts for men of valor. As we navigate the ever-changing currents of fashion, A Few Wood Men remains a beacon of timeless sophistication, ensuring that every moment is embraced with grace and elegance.

January 14, 2024