Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Here's a little secret that every girl needs to know before Valentine's Day. Come close, and we will whisper it to you - men are not actually that difficult to buy for. No one knows your man better than you do, and once you see that perfect Valentine’s day surprise for him, you'll know exactly how he will react! 

Whatever stage you're at in your relationship, it's crucial to get that memorable gift. Whether you've been together for a lifetime or are still in the honeymoon stage, you'll want to ensure your gift is amazing. Your man is a reflection of you, so this Valentine's Day, don't settle for anything but the best!

 We know that the day is going to be fun regardless of whether or not you share a wonderful gift. But, let's face it, any romantic occasion is lifted by a little surprise. A great gift lets him know that you care, and can say that he is the one for you. So, whether your partner is sporty, a gaming whizz, or an intelligent bookworm - we've put together the ultimate guide to the best Valentine's Day gifts for him.

 Let's dive in and start getting excited for your special date night!

Jump Into New Experiences

Black Male Getting A Massage

Valentine's day is a day for honoring your relationship and the ways in which your partner makes your life better. So make Valentine's day one of his favorite holidays this year by choosing an experience that will blow his mind!

Rather than buying lots of gifts and getting them wrapped and ready, choose an experience. There is less to lose and much more to gain with an adventure. The memories that come from a fun trip or an exciting activity will carry on for years to come - even after you've left your little love nest!

It also eliminates the stress of getting something he already has. You can choose a foodie experience, a luxury spa day, or a behind-the-scenes tour of a local landmark. An experience can be a romantic getaway to a new city. Or it can be a little closer to home, like a moonlit picnic on the beach or a game of golf. You could even try something as simple as a home-cooked meal with your man, but don't forget the candles!

Whatever experience you choose for your Valentine's Day date, it will be one that you both remember forever. Trying something new together bonds people. Create memories and laugh as you venture into the unknown.  

Wooden Watches

Wooden Watches

Have you been on the internet frantically searching for - Valentine's day gifts for him? If so, you've probably come across some kind of accessory. Of course, a unique accessory can be a great gift, but you must select the right one.

So, how about a fashionable watch? A timepiece that will be treasured for years to come. Wooden watches are this season's trending accessory, and your guy will love rocking one of these on his wrist.

Wooden watches retain the classic design of a traditional timepiece but add an environmentally friendly twist! Made out of natural wood, these trendy watches will put an eye-catching accent on any man's wrist. Wooden watches are not something your average man will own; it is a specific accessory that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Here at A Few Wood Men, we pride ourselves on making only the best dynamic watches. Our collection features sleek designs that are not only stylish, but functional too. Whether your man is a business professional or an outdoorsy type, we have the perfect wooden watches or accessories for his lifestyle. 

New Dining Experience

Black Couple Dining

What's a better Valentine’s day gift for him than getting all dressed up and going to a fancy dinner? Dining experiences offer you the chance to indulge in something new. Most of them are hosted by leading restaurants and chefs from around the world, so it's easy to feel like your palate is being stimulated - even if you have been there before.

These dining events can be exclusive to just you and your partner, or there can be other couples. Regardless of how many people are in the group, it is guaranteed to be a night to remember.

Depending on where you are located, there are tons of options, including Spanish tapas tasting, modern fine dining events at restaurants in New York City, winery dinners in Napa Valley, and lunch or dinner cruises around the San Francisco Bay. Remember to dress up as you would for a fine dining experience at an actual restaurant! 

Stay Home And Have A Movie Marathon Night

Black Couple Movie Night

Ok, so we lied earlier when we said that we had everything covered - guys can be a little tough to buy for! Since we are all about being honest, this is the section where we are going to admit that sometimes, you just have no idea what your man wants.

However, if it's Valentine's Day and he still hasn't picked up on the fact that it's a day for showing appreciation, then maybe you need to focus less on getting him something in particular and more on getting him a break from everything.

If your significant other is a man who loves watching movies, then make his dreams come true and plan a movie marathon. From action to comedy, there's almost no limit to the number of movies that you can watch! Order some popcorn and candy to go with your movie night at home. Or, if you want to go all out, then consider renting out an entire theater for just the two of you.

Extreme Experiences

Black Man Surfing

The best Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend who is part daredevil is a thrill ride. So, let him loose on an action-packed activity that will get his heart racing faster than ever!

Let's face it, a round of golf just won't cut it for your action man. Instead, book a day of water sports out on the lake or ocean. Jump on the back of a jet ski and ride the waves together. If you want to feel the water against your skin, hire a surfboard and paddle out together. Team up and master the waves, or at least laugh as you watch each other fall and tumble.

If he is not a fan of the water, take to the skies. A hot air balloon is an experience that you will truly remember for the rest of your days. A Valentine's day date in the air is really something special. Float amongst the clouds and look out at the beauty of a stream of forests or mountains below you. Remember to take a photo of you and your partner while you are many feet above the cities and towns. Your photo will be the most special couple selfie across your social media feed!

The sky's the limit (pun intended) when it comes to these activities, and most of them are available in every state across America! Whether he's into skydiving, scuba diving, surfing, or some other activity that requires extreme caution (and you're OK with him doing), you can find an experience for your guy.

Gift A Unique Accessory

A Few Wood Men Accessories

Not the biggest fan of heights or don't have any sea legs? Well, let's keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Giving him a sweet accessory will show you are one for detail.

Some accessories might be small, but they can make a significant impact. Whether you decide to get him a beautifully crafted Trenton bracelet, or one of our Joshua personalized wallets, you will be sure to make him feel special. Your gift also shows that you are thinking about him every time he looks at his new accessory.

Men often don't want to rock the boat when it comes to fashion. They will probably buy themselves sensible clothes that are smart, but don't show off their real personality. As the wife or girlfriend, this makes it your job to make them feel comfortable and express themselves in a big way. Get them a unique accessory that will help them out of their fashion shell. Check out any of our many options here at A Few Woodmen!

A Romantic Trip

Black Couple Romantic Trip


Couples that travel together, stay together! That's the motto, right?

Either way, there's nothing like getting out of your familiar surroundings and hitting the open road. Your relationship can change in an unexpected way when you feel more relaxed, as you both feed your adventurous spirit. A romantic trip is a Valentine’s Day gift for him and you as well!

Married couples wanting to relive fond memories of a honeymoon, or new couples who haven't traveled together must consider a little trip away. Getting away together can really help you reset and recharge, and may even reignite the flame in your relationship. Whether you decide to go camping in a tent, or rent a five-star resort on a luxury island, you will have a great trip away together!

If you decide to jump on a plane to a beautiful beach location, why not get him a stylish pair of sunglasses? Every man likes a pair of shades to complete their holiday look. A Few Wood Men has an incredible collection of bamboo wood sunglasses. Our sunglasses are not only practical for going on vacation, but the bamboo wood designs make a real statement. You can even get heads turning on the beach with a his and her set!

Rings Are For Men Too

A Few Wood Men Rings

 Ladies, you shouldn't just wait for your man to get you that special ring. Rings are beautiful things which you should continue to exchange before and even after your wedding day. Rings can represent a promise, or they can just be a way to jazz up a date outfit.

Rings for men are a popular fashion trend at the moment. You've probably seen many male celebrities and artists rocking a bunch of cool rings. If your man hasn't taken the leap into this new style, be the person to give him his first one. 

The ring collection offered by A Few Wood Men has something for every guy. There are wooden rings in various styles and colors to choose from, allowing you to select one that perfectly ties with his personal style.

Not only will our rings bring your man closer to nature, but you can also rest assured that the ring will be made from high-quality materials which last many years of wear and tear.

Take Spectacular Photos With A Drone

Drone and Cellphone


Everyone is interested in taking better photos. We scroll through thousands of images every day, and only the best ones are able to capture our attention. Even pictures of a cute pet can get a little dull!

Whether it is a selfie of you and your partner, or a close-up shot of a colorful plate of food, the camera on your phone is suitable for a lot of moments. However, gifting a drone will take his photography game to new heights.

Photos taken from a drone can be very powerful, and the gift-giver can experiment with different angles. For example, pictures of your partner may make it seem like you are flying over him, or maybe looking up at the world from his shoes.

This gift is perfect for couples who want to make memories together, or grow closer through the inspiring hobby of photography. If he is keen on trying his hand at a bit of filmmaking, this gift would be the perfect way to get inspired.

Take photos of the home you share together, or maybe the town where you first met. If you want to be a real romantic type, go around the locations that have meant a lot to you as a couple. Snap your favorite park from above, or capture the place where you have your regular date night. The world is your playground when you take to the skies with a drone, and your man will love taking his photography up a level.

Wireless Headphones For Him

Black Man Wearing Wireless Headphones

Valentine's day gifts for him don't get much better than cool headphones. If he is an avid podcast listener or is always talking about obscure new bands you have never heard of, wrap these up for a dinner date surprise.

Gifts are greatly received when they fix a problem someone has. For example, is he still using headphones with a wire? Do they get caught on things around the house? Bring him into the modern world by getting him Bluetooth headphones. The sound quality is usually superior, and you don't have to spend 10 minutes untangling them before use.

When he changes to headphones that are wireless, he will never go back. They really can block out all the annoying sounds of the world around him. Noise-canceling tech is perfect for the morning commute when he wants to focus on the tasks ahead of him. Also, earbuds without a wire are great for working out. They will fit in his ears like a glove. And his arms won't get caught up when he is out for a run.

Leather Wallets

Joshua Customized Wallet


Leather items are timeless. They never go out of style.

Whether it's a leather wallet, belt, purse, or watch strap. Nothing beats the smell and feel of real leather. If you want your man to make a statement when he pulls his wallet out to pay for dinner, a leather wallet is a necessity.

He needs one that looks the part and feels soft to handle. One that looks natural and breaks in with use. One that smells like genuine leather, not...pleather (you get the point). Getting your significant other a leather wallet will not only put you in his good books, but it is also a gift that keeps on giving.

A Few Wood Men's customized wallet is a beautiful object that is more like a piece of art. Upload a photo of an image that is important to him, and A Few Wood Men will engrave it in the material. If you have bought the best Valentine day gift for your boyfriend or had the best Valentine’s day date ever, capture it and save the moment on the leather. Every time he needs his card or cash, the image will remind him what a fantastic partner you are!

When you give him something as precious as a personalized wallet, it's important to ensure you look after it. So, along with the gift, you can even give him tips on how to preserve the leather.

  • Wash the dirt from the leather with a small brush. Be gentle with it!
  • Make sure that the wallet stays away from water. Moisture is the enemy of good leather.
  • If the leather does somehow get a little wet. Let it air dry naturally outside.

If you follow these steps, then a good leather wallet can last 8+ years. Don't let the magical photo fade from view. Look after it, and it won't let you down.

Now, It's Your Turn!

Black Couple

We've done our job. Now it is time to make the all-important decision!

You've got a bunch of ideas that can turn your Valentine's day date into the best one yet. Any of the options you pick would be a wonderful Valentine's day surprise for him. So this year, don't miss the mark with your man!

The A Few Wood Men team are experts in what makes men tick. The company was established with a key purpose. That purpose is getting the man in your life the gift he deserves. You can't go wrong with these epic wooden watches and other wooden products on offer.

From all of us here at A Few Wood Men, we hope you find the best Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend or man in your life! Make this year’s Valentine’s Day one that exceeds all expectations.

February 01, 2022