The Father's Day Style Guide

Gift dad the ultimate flex this Father's Day with our curated style guide.

Dad may not always say it, but he wants to look good too! He works hard, grinds harder, and makes unspoken sacrifices for the family. Give him a gift that says, I love you for all you do! He'll look good and feel even better sporting a timeless piece that speaks to his character, his diligence, and his loyalty to the fam.Give the gift of time with 30% OFF + Free Shipping + 1 Year Warranty. Don’t wait too long, though. This is a limited time offer and Father’s Day is just around the corner.

For the Dapper Dad

Inspired by Dapper Dan, the Gregory is for the Dad who is synonymous with sophistication and class. He always steps out dressed to the nine no matter the occasion.

For the Minimalist Dad

For this Dad, less is more. But don't get it twisted, he exudes style no matter what.

For the Sporty Dad

For the dad who keeps it cool, calm, and collected. Comfort is his go-to but he make sure he looks swaggy doing it.

For the Minimalist Dad

For the dad who invented cool, and makes it look easy. He may not say much, but his style does all the talking.