5 Black-Owned Watch Brands To Support

A wristwatch is an essential accessory that shapes how the wearer perceives and experiences time. Watches can be worn as a fashion statement, a status symbol, or a loathed reminder of approaching appointments. A watch has several roles, and a range of ideas have led to the watch's evolution as a crucial tool of everyday experience over the years. However, the perception of a watch and its ability to measure, display, and record time for an individual has remained a unique part of human experience, mainly due to technological advancements.

Time is the Only Luxury

While most people consider watches to be luxurious items, some Black-owned firms design high-quality market watches that will not break the bank and they are uniquely worth taking time to look at! It is more apparent than ever in today's culture that our time is valuable. Many people have tasted what it's like to manage their own time by spending time with their families, working flexibly, and connecting with nature. In this post, we would highlight and discuss 5 Black-Owned Watch Brands for Your Next Timepiece in 2022.

Talley & Twine

Talley & Twine fills a void in the market for high-quality, aesthetically beautiful watches that challenge the current norm. These ideas were born after discovering that the market is rife with watches that sacrifice quality or style to imitate the most popular brands. Talley & Twine was founded to shake up the watch industry, which had become stale and uninspired. Its clean and classic design appeals to tastemakers, trendsetters, and trailblazers.


Talley & Twine Watches


Two guiding principles characterize Talley & Twine: lifestyle and legacy. They want to set the standard for future generations while also looking attractive. Therefore, the face of their watches features the number seven, which denotes completeness and serves as a reminder to always finish what you start. In addition, their timepieces have a particular design that sets them apart from other brands.

The brand name is derived from an intersection in Virginia, formerly the epicenter of a notorious, crime-ridden area. The neighborhood has been entirely revitalized in recent years, and families now have the opportunity to own properties. Talley & Twine depicts the future of a place with a dark past and a promising future. 

A Few Wood Men

A Few Wood Men is a wooden watch collection for Men of Distinction conceived and made by A Few Wood Men. It was designed as a sounding board for black males working to break down barriers, break curses, push boundaries, overcome strongholds, discover strength, find self-love, and maintain peace as dads, spouses, leaders, commanders, and pillars in their communities.


A Few Wood Men Watches


Shanayla Sweat, a young woman on a journey to locate the right gift that suited her grandfather's character, founded A Few Wood Men in 2017. He was the neighborhood dad who didn't mind taking in or caring for the stray dogs, runaways, or fatherless youngsters who wandered the streets. He was the guy who paid attention and showed up on time. When you didn't have any other options, he was the man who worked hard and found a way. He was the source...and the guy at the same time. George Lester was the epitome of A Few Wood Men. He was tall, black, and stylish. A Few Wood Men was born as a result of his efforts.

The goal of A Few Wood Men is for your wooden watch to remind you of the character, tenacity, kingship, and dignity of that exceptional man of distinction.

Seventeenth Watches

This company is owned and managed by Chris Johnson, an Army veteran who is also Black, designs and creates watches that are a perfect marriage of simplicity and class. Their styles are typically unisex and simplistic, making them timeless pieces that will likely remain in style for decades to come.

Seventeenth Watches

Chris routinely went to other nations as an Army courier, even switching continents. As Chris's employment carried him to Africa, he realized that watches are far more than just a stylish method of telling time. Watches make remarks without saying anything; they are a universal language. Chris' mind strayed on an early flight back to Germany as he was psychologically prepared for life after the service. How would he support his family if he no longer carried the American flag on his shoulders?

His pen made contact with the napkin beneath his drink while he pondered the subject in his brain. He began to sketch. Chris sat back in his seat, stunned by the sharp lines, intense blues, and many knobs. He'd done it; he'd summoned his Muse.

Nothing would stop him from delivering his perfect watch into the world. He said to himself, "This is it." This was Chris' plan for feeding his passion for gorgeous watches while also supporting his Gold Star family.

Only one question remained: how should the brand be named? When confronted with complex problems, Chris reverted to his core beliefs, as he usually did when faced with complex topics: family, freedom, and real self-expression; values he was fighting to safeguard overseas.

He needed a brand that could boldly reflect these fundamental values in the present and future. Chris remembered his six siblings, his mentor, and the thrill of playing high school football with his old pals.

Finally, he looked down at his napkin; his face lit up with a smile. The seventeenth Watches was official in the picture.

Benson Watch Company 

Marcel Benson claims that taking a chance on himself improved his life. He left a career with limited security to follow his passion for watches, and he says that having control over his time has given him a renewed sense of purpose and increased his confidence. We're building a community of people that not only love beautiful things but also believe in a better side of life, one where you may live life on your terms. Become a part of the campaign to reclaim your time.

Benson Watches

Mr. Benson left his work as a financial consultant in 2017 to pursue his passion for timepieces. The decision was taken according to the company's ethos, "Time Should Be Spent Doing What You Love," he explained.

It has issued two watch lines, both designed by Mr. Benson. The Cardinal, a Swiss quartz clock inspired by a midcentury dress watch, was the first design launched on Kickstarter in 2015. 

Its top priorities are comfort, aesthetics, and quality.

The design principle is that simple is beautiful. Benson's inventions are designed with three criteria in mind: comfort, beauty, and quality.

Non-reactive materials that do not irritate the most prevalent allergens are used to provide comfort. Pieces can also be adjusted to guarantee that each buyer gets the optimal fit. Benson uniquely wears his timepieces.

When you own a Benson, you have complete control over your time. Benson is more than a watch brand; it's a movement. It’s a black-owned company that believes it offers intrinsic value to a segment of its customers that none of our competitors provide. Customers say wearing a Benson gives them a sense of pride. The unique Benson timepieces are reasonably priced, and they never sacrifice quality for profit.  

Benson's timeless aesthetic strategy entails adding many characteristics to the rendering and streamlining them, forcing us to reduce it to its most basic form. Several sessions of testing are done to ensure that quality is maintained. This assures that our pieces will last for many years.

Spring Break Watches (SPGBK)

A successful firm begins with a passionate and strategic idea for many entrepreneurs. A lifetime of friendship has been the glue that has kept Kwame Molden '09 and Major Maurice Davis '09's firm, Springbreak (SPGBK) Watches, alive. The company is a high-end designer watch company founded on a passion for historically Black institutions and universities and the Fayetteville, North Carolina culture.

Springbreak Watches

Springbreak Watches was founded in 2013 by one-time fraternity brothers Kwame Molden and Maurice Davis from Fayetteville, North Carolina, "bringing back the fun" of wearing a watch.

They adore their hometown and will never forget the ideals instilled in them. By name or design, they incorporate their hometown heritage into their watches. Creativity, innovation, modern culture, and diversity are all important.

Giving back to their community has always been a passion for the brothers. They are constantly coming up with new methods to invest in what they believe in. In addition, they want to encourage young people and their peers to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

The Springbreak Watches (SPGBK) was inspired by the brothers' profound passion for education and learning. They wanted their firm to be college-oriented because of their pleasant experiences while in school. So they finally truncated the " Springbreak " moniker and created the official SPGBK logo.

Their watches are one-of-a-kind wooden watches that mix high-fashion designs with environmentally friendly wood to give you the most fashionable watches. Their eco-friendly wood timepieces are vibrant, one-of-a-kind, and reasonably priced to appeal to customers. SPGBK is the company's official logo and a powerful symbol. Springbreak, their company's official name, is also abbreviated as 'SPGBK.' SPGBK takes pride in being the only wooden watch on the market that caters to creative people and focuses on current "hipster" culture fashion, and style.

SPGBK's Blue Magic Wood Watch Collection is a stunning new collection of timepieces with Greek and Italian text on blue and white displays. These timepieces are one-of-a-kind and pristine. The Blue Magic has a deep blue face with gold trim that runs the length of the watch, while The White Party 2.0 has a soothing white look with red hints. This collection symbolizes the SPGBK brand's essence and was created exclusively for the daring and unusual. Both watches in this collection are extremely light but thick enough to make them stand out as unique and interesting timepieces.

Unique Benefits to Wearing a Black-Owned Timepiece in 2022

A Few Wood Men Watches

Watches Are Fashionable

For men, the selection of appropriate jewelry is limited. As a result, many guys will just wear three essential items on their hands: one of the several sorts of men's watches; a smart pair of cuff links, and a plain wedding band if they're married.

Wearers of wristwatches can show off their sense of style while still staying on track with their routines. They are a type of self-expression that, depending on the brand, conveys a sense of risk, adventure, or sports.

Can a man use accessories to get compliments?

Wearing a watch can convey a lot about the person who is wearing it. For example, purchasing a watch from a black brand can be a way to sport a modest, classic, and highly manly accessory for individuals who like to avoid chunky bling on their wrist.

The Reliability of Watches

The best timepieces aren't equipped with the most up-to-date microchips. Instead, they run on unique mechanical clockwork technology that predates the invention of electricity. So you can rely on the technology that stays running on your wrist when your telephone runs out of battery.

One of the most significant advantages of a watch is its ability to work in the field for an extended period. Many watches are designed to be either motion-powered or require a little amount of energy from a battery. Consider years of trouble-free timekeeping! When it comes to something as crucial as time, it is justifiable to have a unique device to monitor and manage it.

Bottom Line

It's amazing how a small piece of jewelry, a scarf, a tailored jacket, or a great pair of dress shoes can improve our self-confidence. A wristwatch, on the other hand, provides the same aspect to our outfit. A wristwatch attracts attention. A watch will increase your self-assurance and raise your self-esteem. It's impossible to express what it's like to wear one with a specific meaning. It's preferable to stand out rather than blend in, and wearing a watch can help you achieve just that.

A watch is a time symbol, and wearing one indicates that you appreciate time. Wearing a watch as a fashion accessory or a social status symbol may have a secondary, albeit minor, cognitive effect on the wearer, making them more conscientious and better planners. Watches have a special relationship and significance with the core human experience.

September 27, 2022