Fashion Tips for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, every action you take contributes to how others view your business. This involves the way you communicate, your body language, and especially how you dress. While casuals may be a popular trend in fashion, as a business owner you should strive to dress professionally at all times. Get a free copy of A Few Wood Men's Gentlemen's Guide Ebook, which is the perfect guide to help you style your wardrobe for all the moments that matter most.

In this article, we’ll explore simple dressing tips entrepreneurs can follow to create a strong first impression and the benefits it provides for their business. 

Black man wearing white button shirt with gold tone wood watch and tiger eye bead bracelet from A Few Wood Men

Dressing up professionally doesn’t mean going into work each day in a suit, as there are various other options at your disposal.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe 

Having a wardrobe filled with t-shirts and jeans means you have an array of clothing options when you go out with friends. But, it’s important to do the same for the office as well. Hence, make a trip to your local mall and buy a couple of pairs of the following:

  • Polo shirts
  • Khaki pants
  • Office wear socks
  • Formal shirts, preferably in solid colors but, you can buy a few with subtle designs as well to have a variety

black man wearing dark suit and gold tone wooden watch from A Few Wood Men

Additionally, consider buying at least two suits. If prices at the mall are high, you can find an array of affordable options online for $100 or less. Alternatively, you can buy a couple of good blazers which can be paired with your polo or formal shirts.

Choose the Right Shoes

We’re sure you’ve heard the old saying – “you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes.” This holds true, especially in a professional setting where first impressions are crucial. Pairing your suit or formal attire with sneakers is a big no. Instead, consider buying at least two pairs of oxford shoes, loafers to other kinds of formal footwear which fit your style.

Buy a Watch

A watch is a perfect accessory to complete a professional attire. And if you want to make yourself stand out, consider purchasing a wooden watch from A Few Wood Men that easily complements anything you wear and is bound to catch the eye of everyone in the office.

Wooden watch from a few wood men

Additionally, wearing a watch overcomes the need for using your phone to check the time, which can be inappropriate during office meetings or lunches/dinners with investors and clients.

Wear a Belt

According to Ashley Weston, any attire that involves tucking in your shirt, necessitates the need for a belt. Unlike a watch which can serve as a statement piece, a belt should be simple, be the same color as your pants, and help achieve the right fitting.

Benefits of a Professional Attire

Dressing up professionally each day will require time and effort, and you may ask yourself, why should I do this when others aren’t?

It Makes a Strong Impression

Being the business owner you’re expected to serve as a role model for others. While you may not have mandated professional attire for the office, your habit of dressing for success will radiate to others as well. An office where everyone is dressed well creates a strong impression on clients and investors, opening up new opportunities for the business.

It Increases Confidence Levels

Black man wearing leather band watch with suit

Dressing well helps individuals become self-confident and productive. Wearing formal clothes provides us a psychological boost which translates into better performance in the workplace and the confidence to interact with others with ease.

It Helps You Be Prepared 

During a typical workday, you’ll visit numerous places other than the office such as the local coffee shop, restaurants, public transportation, and more. You never know who you’ll meet at these places whether it be your old boss, clients, investors, or friends. But, dressing well means you’ll always leave a good impression regarding yourself and the business.

For entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the business community, dressing up for success is a good first step. Along with looking sharp, it’ll help you perform better in the workplace, be ready for interactions at all times and radiate confidence to those around you.

Article contributed by Tina Martin exclusively for A Few Wood Men.

August 11, 2022