5 Easy Ways to Style Your Wood Watch

Having a nice time piece to put on every now and then is good, but being able to dress that wood watch up for any occasion is even better.

You want to get the best value out of your wooden watch and we have 5 easy ways for you to style your wooden watch.

1. Wear a Tie  

Your Wooden Watch is already uniquely grained with the best types of wood, but why not add an extra dash of style with a tie? Ties add a level of sophistication and personality that is often times unmatched.

2. Wear Dress Shoes 

Now we all know that dress shoes are...well....dress shoes. Dress shoes bring out a call to order and let those around you know that you mean business. Whether going to family event or to that business meeting, your dress shoes nor your watch "came to play".

3. Wear a Bracelet 

Bracelets are a thing of today, tomorrow, and forever. Bracelets for men represent a masculinity and edge that continues to go unmatched. Whether dressing your wood watch up for a festive event or wanting your presence known with a simple stance, your bracelet will bring out your wood watches' hidden features. 

4. Wear Sunglasses

Wooden Watch? Wooden Swag. Sunglasses, especially those that are wooden bring out that level of styling that continues to go unmatched. Whether you are going for the James Bond or Black Panther look only a special type of sunglasses can take you and your wooden watch there. 

5. Wear Your Smile

There is nothing that speaks louder than a smile with confidence. You've gotten the wood watch, so it is obvious that you are a man with a sense of fashion. Take your style to the next level by wearing your best accessory yet; your smile.


There you have it. 5 Easy Ways to Style your Wood Watch. Our A Few Wood Men watches are the perfect gift and accessory for men, however, some of those added accessories such as bracelets and wooden sunglasses can be found here:

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November 15, 2017