The 10 Best Fashion Accessories For Men (A 2018 Guide)

A stylish accessory can help you stand out from the crowd and upgrade your overall style. Why not treat yourself ahead of the new year and order some new fashionable accessories that will add that special something to your look? Below we have outlined 10 accessories that are a must-have for every modern man!

1 - Retro Scarf

Jump into 2018 with a brand new scarf to help accessorise your look and keep you warm for those cold winter months! A fashionable scarf can make or break an outfit, try using neutral colours that fit in with what you’re already wearing. Match a burgundy scarf with a black winter coat for some serious winter style.

2 - Leather Bag

For many of us, our college days are (unfortunately) long behind us. That means, it’s time to upgrade your backpack and invest in a stylish leather bag. This is a fashionable way to keep your everyday items safe - and looking great while doing it! Barrel bags seem to be in-trend at the moment and you can pick up long-lasting barrel bags at very reasonable prices if you avoid the designer brands.

3 - Classic & Elegant Wood-Styled Watch

An elegant watch will make you stand out and show a sense of personality. Try wearing one with your everyday work clothes to add a touch of class to your outfit. Incorporating such a striking and unusual material into your outfit can look brilliant. Browse our stylish and unique wooden watches today. It may even become your signature look!

4 - Stylish Sunglasses

For the summer months, invest in a pair of quality made sunglasses to help protect your eyes and look trendy while doing it! Aviators never seem to go out of style but if you want something special, try finding some shades with tinted glass. With different tints and styles, there is a perfect pair of sunglasses for everyone.

5 - Cufflinks

Want to look smart at work? Complete your outfit with some stylish cufflinks! These accessories come in a variety of designs and colours that can complement just about any shirt. Be different in a subtle way and avoid compromising your professional style with a small addition such as cufflinks.

6 - Classic Belts

Everyone needs a belt from time to time! It’s always beneficial to invest in a good quality leather belt that will handle the wear and tear of everyday life. A classic belt can be brought into an outfit with other accessories such as shoes or ties. Just go for a colour that isn’t too bold, a classic brown will work with just about any outfit.

7 - Long-Lasting Gloves

Gloves are perfect for the colder months and give you an opportunity to change up your winter style. This year, try going for a pair of grey gloves. Grey can look great with the other more neutral wintery colours and it makes for a tasteful change from your everyday black gloves. Whether you like the fleece look or the leather look, gloves are a staple in winter!

8 - Ties

Ties are perfect for that smart look for important occasions. They come in a range of colours so can easily complement your go-to shirt! There are a diverse range of designs including festive ones, interesting patterns or block colours. It’s up to you to pick a toe that matches your outfit and upgrades your look.

9 - Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are a must have when wearing a blazer. Try going for high-contrast or opt for an interesting patterned design instead of the common block colours. Matching a stylish handkerchief with a tie can make for an eye-catching style. It’s another small element that can add up to create a big difference in your style!

10 - Upgrade Your Wallet

Invest in a new wallet for the new year and get a quality material that will stand the test of time - paying a little more will be worth it in the long-run! A wallet isn’t something that everyone you meet will see. That’s why you should use a wallet to create a more personal statement and show your personality through the design.

So, hopefully you have plenty of new accessory ideas to upgrade your style in the new year! Have any questions or any other items that could be added to the list? Let us know in the comments.

December 13, 2017