5 Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe

Even though summer doesn’t seem to want to leave us alone, fall is here, and it’s never too late to prepare your closet for chilly mornings and windy nights. We understand what it means to find yourself donning the same outfits each season, so we wanted to share with you 5 ways you can spice up your fall wardrobe for the cooler weather. 

Fall classics for men often remain the same. You know what we mean. Scarves, fedoras, and flannels are always on the top of the list of fashion items to make you feel and look great as the seasons' change. Yet, even with a closet full of fall classics, you may find yourself wanting to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe for a splash of color and a hint of edge. We agree with you. Your wardrobe should include at least 3 seasonal trends each year to pair with your classic essentials.

Remember when pairing your classics and your trends, each classic outfit only deserves one NEW trend to make it POP. For example, if you’re wearing your classic jeans with a crisp white fitted tee-shirt, adding leather bracelets to your outfit can transform your look from basic to badass in a matter of minutes. SHOP OUR LEATHER BRACELETS HERE

Here 5 more ways to transform your wardrobe from summer hot to fall handsome. 

  1. Add a wooden watch to your business suit. Accessories are a major deal this season. With a great pair of socks, a sleek wooden watch from A Few Wood Men, and a classic tie, your everyday business suit could very well become an everyday fashion statement. 
  2. Wear weekend arm candy. Making sure your comfortable and stylish doesn’t end on Friday. Make Saturdays and Sundays count with unique additions to your arm wear. Pair your favorite wooden watch with beaded or leather bracelets to ensure you’re standing out from the crowd. 
  3. Take on a new texture. You know we have a thing for wood, so we definitely advise you to add some wood textures to your outfit each day. Whether it’s your wooden watch from A Few Wood Men or a wood-embellished necklace, adding a texture of distinction will change the feel of an already great fall look. 
  4. Don a new bag. Over the shoulder bags can truly enhance your wardrobe and serve double duty. Put your traditional computer bag or backpack down for the fall season, and pick up a new over the shoulder sling bag in cognac or black leather. 
  5. Try a new hat. Your fedora is fly, but a rancher hat would add flair to your fashion for sure. Pair your new rancher hat with a tee-shirt, ripped jeans, and a Few Wood Men Terrance 2 watch, and your Friday night out at the bar will make them turn their heads. 

Cheers to the new season! 

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October 15, 2019