What's Going on with A Few Wood Men? (Wooden Watches for Men)

It's no secret that running a business can be hard...very hard. 

But the truth is, everything that we want in most cases is hard, takes time, and most importantly takes a ton of preparation...what we get easy usually doesn't last long. 

With that being said, I wanted to provide an update on What's Been Going On With A Few Wood Men. A Few Wood Men is a premium wooden watch collection with the sole purpose of providing a sounding board for black men through fashion, community, and representation. Our wooden watches and accessories are the perfect gifts for men that work hard and play later. 

A Few Wood Men featured in the VoyageATL Magazine

In the last few months we have been able to make a few strides that have proven to us that our business is worth the effort. Here are details below:

1) On October 18th-19th we were able to participate in the Black Men's summit that took place in Chicago, Illinois. We were able to provide our wooden watch products to black men looking to expand their timepiece collection and expand their journey with personal development. 

2) In October of 2019, we were able to partner with an Installment Plan company, AfterPay, which will allow A Few Wood Men watch collectors to take part in installment plan payments for their wooden watches. This will allow A Few Wood Men watch collectors to make 4 Easy Interest Free Payments with little to no hassle. This allows for our customers to shop today and pay later! 

3) In October 2019, we also were able to partner with a local concierge company, Attyre, that provides same day delivery service to Atlanta residents. This allows our A Few Wood Men watch collectors to purchase their favorite watch and receive delivery within a few hours! It doesn't get better than that!

Attyre Same Day Delivery

4) We were also featured in the Nashville edition of the Huami's digital magazine. (Pronounced Who Am I?) This allowed us to showcase our A Few Wood Men Wooden Watch timepieces as well as give more details about Who I Am as a business owner and entrepreneur.

5) Last but not least, we were selected to participate in the Village Market's Black Friday Fest! The Village Market has been crucial to A Few Wood Men's development as we had to start completely over when we relocated from Nashville, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia. The Village Market's Black Friday Fest will not be like any other event put on before and will be a 2 Day Event! It's probably one of the most anticipated events going on in Atlanta and we are excited to provide our wooden watches for men as the perfect gifts for this holiday season!


Village Market Flyer


I hope this wasn't too lengthy and provided just enough information of what we are doing here at A Few Wood Men! 


-Shanayla Sweat, AFWM Creator

November 20, 2019