6 Reasons Why Men Wear Rings

Rings have always played an important role in a man's life. But, usually, it's because he's in the store panicking about giving one to someone else! In our culture, rings have been believed to represent a solemn commitment, proposed by the male gender.

Some associate it with being married, while some believe that wearing a ring is just for showmanship. Over time, the significance of wearing rings has changed and evolved to the point where different people wear them for various reasons. Nowadays, it's more than just a symbol of marriage or engagement; it can be worn out of pride or as a simple accessory.

It's a new age, and men are feeling the pressure of adhering to fashion trends more than ever. Not wanting to be left out, they opt for rings with embroidered designs and patterns that suit their personality. It's no longer the plain, simple band with an emerald or diamond stone.

Male rings that are designed specifically for a man's hand are now pretty standard. These rings are a world away from women's rings, but hold all of the same empowering energy.

At A Few Wood Men, we know our accessories. Check out our collection of cool rings for men, and discover that style you've been missing!

If you're on the fence about getting one, here is a list of 6 reasons you need to wear cool rings for men. It's time for you to join the party and see what all the hype is about.

Rings Represent Commitment

Rings have always had significance in our relationships.

Young couples offer each other a promise ring in the hope that they will remain together long after they have left school. It's a promise of commitment, and dedication for a strong future together.

A Few Wood Men Rashid Ring

It's not uncommon to see older men wearing a ring that signifies their past relationships or love for a family member. It's a gentle reminder that even though your relationship might be over, you still care deeply about them. In fact, over time, rings have served as a reminder of the love and happiness we once had. So it's easy to see why this is such an important reason for men to wear rings.

Commitment is essential for a man to master and bring into his life. A ring can help seal a promise made. It makes the ring become worth more than the monetary value. It becomes the symbol of your commitment to the other person.

However, a ring doesn't always have to represent a commitment to somebody. Instead, it can symbolize a deal you have made with yourself. For example, after you get that job you have worked so hard for, you can go ahead and buy yourself a cool ring for men. It's the perfect way to mark a difficult achievement!

Buying some stylish wooden rings or cool wooden watches is an investment. At A Few Wood Men, we make our wooden accessories with sustainable materials so that they will last a lifetime. When you are old and done with the hustle, you can look down at your wooden timepiece and appreciate a job well done.

Wooden accessories are 'trend-proof.' Some fashion trends will come and go, but these items will always stay on the throne.

Rings Can Be A Type Of Expression

Although it is not widely accepted in our society to wear flashy or ostentatious jewelry, men are slowly starting to feel more comfortable wearing rings that represent their interests. At the end of the day, if you are happy with what you are wearing, then why not wear it proudly?

Male rings are a powerful, stylish way of expressing yourself. For example, if you have some cool hobbies that you enjoy taking part in, then why not invest in some quality accessories that represent them? You can do this by spoiling yourself with the best men's wooden watches, as well as rings - they are all fantastic pieces of art!

Rings Look Cool!

A Few Wood Men Rings

This goes without saying, but of course, a guy wearing a ring is going to look pretty cool! Even if it's just a simple design that adorns your finger, you will look more sophisticated and complex with one on, and that's what it's all about.

A ring can be a quick way of making you look more stylish. We all know it's hard to tell what someone is like from looking at them, but if they have a cool bracelet or watch on their wrist – people will start to think better of their character. You might even get a few compliments thrown your way!

In addition to the above, the ladies really notice if a man can dress well. And well, rings are an easy way to dress up your look. It doesn't matter if it's business, casual or formal - rings can be worn with any outfit and never seem out of place.

If you haven't got any male rings yet and don't know where to start - have a quick peek at the A Few Wood Men's collection. A Few Wood Men specialize in accessories that stand out. The rings look the part and make a strong statement.

You can choose from a range of different styles. Maybe you want to start with something more simple but bold. For example, have a look at the classic black Alonzo Ring. This ring is all about restraint and a calm vibe. Wearing this ring shows that you aren't trying too hard. You look as if you are fashionable, but don't take yourself too seriously.

If you are already a convert to the men's ring tribe, push the boat out a little. Go for a design that is more intricate and special. We bet you can carry it off! The Tony Ring is designed with contrasting materials, which is part of its power. Wear that out at a party, and you will draw many eyes toward you. 

A Ring Can Lift An Occasion

A Few Wood Men Tristan Ring

Everyone has an essential function at some point in the year. For example, you might be the host who will wow your guests with a party to remember. Or, you might be a plus one and feel like you need to make a lasting first impression. Either way, your clothes and accessories have to be on point!

These events may be for your work or for pleasure, but both require you to raise your game. Therefore, you need to wear something slightly different from your usual attire. Maybe you are going to go for the full suit and tie. Or perhaps you'll wear the shoes you have been dying to show off.

A ring is an accessory. Like a wooden watch, it’s perfect to wear for the big evening. It makes heads turn and can surprise people. It is the ace card that you can pull out from your sleeve.

You might be thinking that rings are not suitable for a formal event, but you would be mistaken. Rings can be really classy. Just remember not to go overboard! One ring is probably the right amount for the more sophisticated night.

Rings aren't the only accessory you should buy before that special event. A watch is another item that will help you look the part. Wooden watches are beautifully made and can spark a conversation between you and that person you've just been dying to talk to!

A Few Good Men also offer a slick apple band. These bands clip onto your apple watch and instantly turn a generic item into a unique one. These are great things to keep in your pocket if you are going from a work meeting straight out to a party. You don't want to enter the party looking like someone who has just put in a significant shift at work. So, get the bands out and clip them on - arrive in style!

Rings Are A Power Symbol

Throughout history, rings have appeared on the fingers of mighty men—individuals who wielded great power and sat on great fortunes. These powerful men didn't just wear rings because they were cool, but also because the ring was a symbol of their status. A men's signet ring was the ultimate symbol.

A Few Wood Men Alonzo Ring

This type of ring has a bit of lettering or an artistic design embossed on it. Maybe you have seen a gold one with the owner's initials? If so, you are looking at a signet ring, which has become a big part of the new wave of men's accessories. But, men's signet rings are by no means a new fashion invention. In fact, men who held positions of authority and status in Italy wore them. But long before mafia dons wore them, they were the property of kings.

Kings and leaders of some of the most influential cultures the earth has seen. Historians have found examples of rings in Ancient Egyptian society, and in the Middle Ages, lords of the land signed their letters by stamping their rings into the wax.

Channel your inner king by buying your own handcrafted ring. They were initially meant for the most important man in the room, and you can make them that again. Wearing a stunning male ring can unleash your power and confidence.

Did We Mention How Cool They Look?

Seriously, do you need any more reasons than that? The obvious is staring you in the face - rings are fun, and male rings are becoming a whole new genre of style. More men are buying rings because it is plain to see how cool they look. From vintage to modern designs, rings are finding their place and pushing into the mainstream of men's fashion.

Rings have this way of making people do a double-take. They're very striking, so much so, that you may even catch people looking at your hand. But when crafted from materials like wood, stone, or metal, the ring becomes something special—it speaks of craftsmanship and individuality that is not encumbered by the common and the familiar.

Rings help you express your individuality and creativity in a way that proclaims, "I dare to be different!" If that appeals to you, then go for it! It's time to find yourself a nice ring and wear it with pride. This will add a new dimension to your style and make you stand head and shoulders above the crowd. It is definitely not a taboo item for a man to buy and wear. So, if you choose to buy a ring or get it as a gift - wear it and embrace the new style.

Rings come in many shapes and sizes. Find one that connects with your personal style and make it a crucial part of your work/play outfits. Don't let silly ideas like 'cool rings for men don't exist' ruin your chances to add some more exciting fashion to your life.

How To Style Your New Rings

A Few Wood men Rings

If you're ready to be part of this new fashion trend, you will find several styles of rings for men to choose from. From hipster, boho, and cool-casual, to more formal work outfits. It is all about finding a ring that speaks to your personality and style while being the right fit for the occasion.

Getting out of your comfort zone is not as difficult as you think. All it takes is a little courage and a desire to make your style dreams come true! Here are some valuable tips to help you when you start your ring adventure.

Less Is More!

What's the point of your life if you don't enjoy yourself from time to time? Sometimes, we all have to make ourselves noticed and put ourselves out there on the stage. But when it comes to wearing a ring, remember: less is more.

Don't go from a bare hand to wearing one on each finger. Going from zero to one hundred might seem like a fun idea, but build-up to it. Start out with one and see how it feels wearing it around. If you have never worn a ring before, it is best to start simple.

The number one rule with accessories is that they are team players. They are meant to assist the other clothing items rather than make the outfit. So, for example, pair one of your classic wooden rings with one of your unique wooden watches. It will create a pleasing symmetry and balance your styles.

Comfort Is Critical

Chunky rings can be excellent for men to wear, but make sure the ring doesn't get in your way. If the ring is heavy and too small for your finger, remove it immediately. During the day, you shouldn't even notice you are wearing one.

Remember that you will be using your hands a lot when you're at work. Even if you don't have a physically demanding job, you still need to shake hands after your business meetings. Don't let a cumbersome ring make things awkward as you are about to seal an important deal.

A Few Wood Men Spencer Ring

Ultimately, it is all down to you to decide how you want to wear it. Place the rings in front of you and test them out in front of the mirror. You know your style, and you will determine which ring is right for you. Let the fun begin!

Class Is Over

Here ends the lesson. Now, what have you learned?

There are multiple reasons why men choose to wear a ring. Back in the day, it was a way to show you were powerful. Not many people could afford gold, so you were at the top of the tree if you had a ring.

In modern times, men wear rings to show they are in a committed relationship - they have told someone that they are the most crucial part of their life.

Celebrating commitment is excellent, but mainly, men wear rings because they fall in love with the design. They fall in love with how they look on their hand, and what they say about them as a person. It's an artistic expression of who you are at the core.

You'll look and feel better when you wear something smart and fashionable. Wearing handcrafted wooden rings will make you feel bold and confident. They are more unique than titanium or silver rings, and they won't clash with your style.

The collection on offer at A Few Wood Men will light up your passion for rings. We have something for every man. Some rings are more punchy, while others have a quiet power to them. Browse the website today and get inspired by the variety on display!

March 28, 2022