Why Bracelet Sets Are Right For Him

Is his 'tried and tested' look in need of a little change? If the man in your life likes experimenting with fashion or needs a little freshening up style-wise - a men's bracelet set is the right gift.

The classic men’s accessories of a watch or wallet are classics for a reason. But, if your ideas have run dry or you have already gotten your husband or father all the 'classic' men's gifts, don't panic! Instead, be prepared to dive into a world of men's fashion that you probably haven't thought of before. A men's bracelet set is the perfect touch to lift your husband's, best friend's, or father's style.

Men typically get functional presents. Most of the gifts they receive have some specific purpose. For example, practical clothes for work or tools for fixing things around the home. These gifts are great, but maybe it is time to get more creative. Give him a present that shows how much you love him and what he does for you. Picking out a bracelet set is a present that is purely for fun and joy. He will feel confident with all the compliments that will come his way.

Bracelets come in a multitude of styles and sizes. But, don't feel like these accessories are not suitable for the formal gent to wear. There are bracelets that match every style and occasion. Men can wear them in a formal setting and feel like a boss! Also, they can slide them on when they are kicking back with friends and wanting to party. 

A Few Wood Men's collection marries a robust design with a subtle elegance. Choose from a range of leather or wooden bands. All feel very comfortable on the wrist, and look great when worn with a stylish wooden watch.

Bracelets Create A Bond

Remember when you and your best friend in school made a bracelet to show you were BFFL? Maybe you made it during a boring math class under your desk. Or, you saved up all your pocket money and bought one after school with the letters of each other's initials. This was probably the first gift you ever gave someone. It was a happy moment that sticks out from childhood for a reason - you created a special bond with another person, which is always worth celebrating. 

A Few Wood Men Bracelet

This kind of gesture doesn’t have to disappear when you are an adult. Bring back the nostalgia of your high school days by finding a bracelet for one of your close friends. They would appreciate that you want to be part of their life. All the cherished memories you have created together will come to their mind. If they are having a bad day, it will be guaranteed to spark a big smile. Gifting A Few Wood Men's bracelet to a friend or a family member shows them you care.

If the gift is for your husband or boyfriend, you should consider starting a his and her bracelet collection. It’s the perfect opportunity to take your relationship with your life partner to a new level by giving them a special bracelet. The Brian Bracelet by A Few Wood Men is decorated with a gold crown - give that to your king this year and seal your unique bond with a unique bracelet.

This gift of a his and hers bracelet would be even more perfect for couples in a long-distance relationship. When you are apart for long stretches of time, you can feel a bit down. How can you connect when you are so many miles away? Sending them men’s accessories means a small part of you is always next to their skin. With a bracelet or a men’s bracelet set, you can feel close to each other, despite not being in the same place.

Bracelets Draw People's Attention

Unlike other men’s accessories, a bracelet is something that other people really notice! It reveals a sneak peek of the person's personality. The gent sporting a fantastic men’s bracelet set can separate himself from the other men in a crowded room!

A Few Wood Men Marcus Bracelet

What do you think when you observe a man rocking some bracelets? You might have an image in your head of men with a more alternative or bohemian style wearing them - like an actor or a music artist. However, whoever is wearing them, or whichever way it is styled, bracelets have the ability to catch the eye. It takes a man who is confident and is comfortable with a unique look. An increasing number of young and older men are turning to bracelets as a fashion statement - they are a small, but key part of completing a man's outfit.

Over the years, bracelets have been an accessory that can really pack a punch. They have been the center of a lot of big, iconic cultural moments like the colorful charity wristbands of the early 2000s. People wore them to empower themselves and show that they cared about others. Also, they were very fashionable and trendy. Lots of young men who are known for their great style are focusing on bracelets. Bracelets are certainly not a wacky style choice. They have become a staple accessory for all the 'cool' and successful men.

When hunting for the perfect stocking filler for him at Christmas, bracelets are probably not top of your list. But maybe for that next big surprise, they should be. Bracelets are different, and they have a lot more personality than other generic men’s accessories. So, ladies, if you think your man is a bit lost fashion-wise, the gift of a bracelet could help him out of the rut.

Giving a gift of a bracelet will be a treat for him, but also one for you. Gifts like golf equipment and gaming gear will just take him away from you. Instead, buy a gift that brings you closer together.

Bracelet and Watch Is A Perfect Match

A stylish watch with a leather strap is a classic look. But every classic look needs a little twist!

Men are very fond of a unique timepiece. Your partner or father probably has more than one watch, and definitely has his eye on a couple of new ones! Men can always spot when someone at the party has an especially expensive or stylish watch peeking out of their shirt.

A Few Wood Men Jamison Bracelet

Rather than sitting on the bench when browsing for watches, get involved! Show him that you care about his watch collection and fashion hobby. You can even help him have more fun with his watch by adding a bracelet. A wooden bracelet can help a watch really pop on the wrist.

When going for a bracelet and watch combo, there are a couple of options. You can go for a big contrast. For example, if they have a chunky metal watch, you can pair it with a thin wooden bracelet. The simple bracelet made from wood will offset the appearance of the metal. Or, if your man has a wooden watch, add wooden bracelets with different tones and colors. The finish on A Few Wood Men's wooden bracelets is exquisite.

At A Few Wood Men, you can also get an apple band. These bands have a clean and straightforward design that can jazz up your apple watch. The contrast between the dark steel watch and a beautiful wooden band is very striking.

Everyone gets a bit fed up with looking at the same design every day. How many times have you changed your phone? Every year, or two? Our phones still work perfectly with all the same apps, but the truth is, we want a new design in our life. Buying an apple band can introduce some style to your tech. You won't get bored of the watch so quickly, because the band looks and feels great!

Tips When Choosing Your Bracelets

No matter what type of man you are, you’re sure to find a style that suits you. Whether your style is eccentric, classic, punk, or rocker, there’s a type of bracelet for everyone.

If you're looking for tips on what style to wear with your bracelet, take a look at our handy guide below.

Tip 1 - The Material Is Important

You have a lot of different types of material. At A Few Wood Men, you can buy bracelets made of leather, wood, and also beaded ones formed from natural stone. Make sure the material is a match for that handsome gent in your life.

A Few Wood Men Ahmad Bracelet

If they are a sporty and active person, the stone bracelet is a great choice. Stone is a sturdy material that can handle a bit of a rough treatment. The stone retains its crafted round shape even if it is getting bashed around. In addition, they will not pick up scratches easily, and they are water-resistant. So if your man is a surfer or likes to take you away to exotic beach locations, the stone material is the one for him. He can plunge the bracelet into the sea all day, and when you are going for dinner in the evening, it will still look like it did the day you bought it.

The leather bracelet, on the other hand, needs a bit more TLC. Make sure it is kept away from water and remove it when doing any activity where it might be damaged. The leather bracelet is for the more reserved man who likes the world to come to him. A gentleman who likes to relax with a book would love A Few Wood Men's Ahmad Bracelet. The leather is super soft and comfortable to wear. It will never once bother or irritate the wearer.

A leather bracelet will serve him better and for longer if it is cleaned well. Every so often, take it out of his drawer and give it a minor tune-up. However, be careful! If you are careless, then you might actually be adding to the damage.

 Follow these simple instructions for getting the job done correctly: 

  • First, take a slightly wet cloth or tissue and slowly rub the surface of the leather. 
  • You can use a bar of soap but not a scented one. Oils and skin cream are not to be used on the bracelet. 
  • After it is clean, let it dry on its own! Do not use a hairdryer for the drying process. 

Tip 2 - Just One Isn't Enough

Once you give your husband or friend a quality bracelet, they will be on the hunt for more. They might feel a little strange wearing it at the start, but you should give them a nudge in the right direction. Hype them up and get your camera out for a few snaps. A curated bracelet set looks fantastic in a photo!

When choosing a bracelet set to stack up on your man's wrist, be careful about which ones you select. A set should mix and match different styles of bracelets. A set of identical bracelets is not visually exciting. Remember to combine lots of colors and materials to get that eye-catching pop.

Your men’s bracelet set should be around 3 to 4 bracelets. More than 4 would start to detract the rest of the outfit. Bracelets are meant to be a stylish touch that compliments the clothes and accessories around them. Also, if there are too many leather bracelets, the person will look like an extra in a roman gladiator film.

A Few Wood Men Bracelets

Tip 3 - Avoid The Traps

The bracelets are a fun addition to your man's look, but you can't just let him throw it on his wrist. You took your time to pick out the right one, so make sure he takes time to wear it correctly. There are many ways to wear one. However, this means that there are also many wrong ways to wear it!

Here are some traps that we don't want him to fall right into: 

  • If he has a watch that doesn't quite compliment the bracelet. Move the bracelet to the opposite arm. Sometimes a watch and a bracelet are a match made in heaven. But other times, they might need a quick divorce. 
  • A big mistake first-time bracelet wearers make is forgetting that the bracelet is an accessory. Accessory is the keyword here. The bracelet isn't the star of the show! Remember that it is there to support your look rather than make it. Don't wear your chunkiest watch and pair it with a very flashy stone bracelet. A bracelet should act like any supporting star. They are there to make the leading actor look good! 
  • There are bracelets for all occasions. But that doesn't mean that every bracelet is perfect for every event. When you are both getting ready for a party, have a think about what the vibe will be. If the party is a work function - keep it toned down! A bracelet that is very loud and colorful should be reserved for when he is clocked out of work. 

Tip 4 - Wear It Right. Or Left!

Last but not least, this final tip is going to help him with the trickiest call.

After he opens your beautiful stone or leather bracelet gift. He has a big decision to make. But luckily for him, it is a 50/50 choice - which wrist is the bracelet going on?

A Few Wood Men Aaron Bracelet

 Your husband or boyfriend likes to get his hands dirty. When he is working with his tools or doing exercise, the bracelet could get damaged. To prevent this from happening, place the bracelet on his non-dominant hand. He will likely be using it less, so it will not get scratched.

Ultimately, this will come down to personal preference, but you can also switch it up during the day. Either way, he should keep it safe and in good condition. Playing with it too much isn't going to help it last.

That's A Wrap!

So, there you have it: our bracelet Bible. Everything you want and need to know about bracelets has been covered! Now, you know what you must do.

It’s time to browse through A Few Wood Men men’s accessories store, and get him that gift that he would never get himself.

March 21, 2022