How You Can Wear And Care For Your Wooden Watch And Accessories Effortlessly In 2021

Picking out the perfect outfit can be a dreadful experience for some; choosing the right accessories to go with it is just as painful, especially if coordinating is not your strength. Here at A Few Wood Men our loyalty is to you, and we want to help you with rocking your wooden watches and accessories in a way that will get you noticed and keep them clean so you can keep the attention you earned. Your jewelry should be the staple of your outfit, so we need you to make informed decisions when you accessorize.

Here's how you can wear and care for your wooden watches and accessories effortlessly in 2021. Coordinating your wooden watch with your outfit can be quite effortless if you remember to:


Be natural.

Wearing a plain white tee or V-neck shirt is a subtle way of showing off your wooden watch. If you are a simple man but still fashionable, this is one way of showing that you do not always have to be wearing lavish clothes to look trendy. You can even pair this same ensemble with classic jeans and a pair of comfy casual shoes. Don’t forget A Few Wood Men’s watches come in different styles to match the modern and the traditional black man. If you are in doubt about which one to pick, then you may consider “The Michael” a birch and mahogany mixed-wood mechanical bull watch, but with a firm yet durable genuine leather band this is similar to your average wooden analog watch, a style that has classic designs that you can pair with a modern outfit to attain an authentic and timeless look.


Complement your wood watch with casual and sportswear.

Who says you can't be fashionable with sportswear and a wooden watch? This get-up is ideal if you are going on an outdoor trip or taking a sports adventure. It is an ideal option if you want to visit a nearby beach or watch a baseball game. The wooden watch can spice up your athletic attire. You can even put on your favorite wooden bracelet from A Few Wood Men to compliment your timepiece and get in the casual sports mood. If you like wearing button-down shirts for family gatherings and simple occasions, you can still look fashionable by wearing a wooden watch. Since it impressively matches this smart apparel, you can grab the attention of the crowd. With a button-down shirt, you can also roll the sleeves if you are more comfortable with it.


Express yourself in business attire and look classy in layered neutral colors.

Your wooden timepiece can be a unique addition to your business casual look. The wooden watch can be paired with almost everything, and with all your options for accessories, this timepiece is more straightforward to match your outfit than any other supplement. You can achieve an impressive look with a wooden watch and have your co-workers intrigued by your sense of style as the wood grain, and elegant wooden watch can accentuate the simplicity of neutral apparel.

In other words, wear it with your suit and tie on. Wooden timepieces characterize both simplicity and elegance. The neutral color of the accessory genuinely goes well with the classic look of the outfit. The brown shade of the wooden watch complements a navy suit. You can match this apparel with a pair of brown wingtip shoes and a brown belt.


Wear any one or two wooden pairings of accessories.

Several accessories can spice up your overall look. However, if you are not fond of wearing a lot of jewelry, then you may only choose a wooden watch, a wooden ring, a wooden bracelet, or even wooden sunglasses to still be stylish without doing too much. Once you have selected the color that compliments your skin tone, the best and the right style for your taste, you are on your way to making an impression. There is such a thing as the wrong type of jewelry for the occasion. Therefore, wherever you are going, your jewelry must match the occasion. So, just remember these key tips and before you know it, you will be wearing your favorite A Few Wood Men accessories exactly how they were meant to be worn by you!



Consider solid bracelets, watches, and rings instead of showy accessories when your outfit is already doing a lot. That means your outfit must be taken into full consideration before you begin to pair.



You may want to show off your new haircut or your best features, lips, ears, cheekbones, nose, whatever it is - if your face is intended to be the star of the show ten choose a pair of sunglasses that accounts for the shape of your face or at the very least order a pair from A Few Wood Men that are highly reviewed to fit your face comfortably.


There are six essential guidelines for men when it comes time for them to match their outfits and accessories. Once you are able to function within the rules of coordination - pairing your wooden accessories with one of your fresh looks will definitely become a walk in the park. So here they are:

       1. Match your leathers.
       Your leathers must match! So, whatever the clothes or accessories; shoes, belt, bags, watch, etc. Sticking with one color keeps your overall look clean and sleek. Note that it does not have to be an exact match but be sure to stay within the same color family
      2. Match your metals.
      Metal accessories share the same rule as leather, so simply put, your    metals should match; If you can’t get it perfect, at the very least, you should keep your metal accessories colors in the same tone, results in a cluttered, unrefined, and offbeat look.
      3. Pair your colors carefully.
 Now, this is where it can get a little tricky for most people! Color coordinating is not always a walk in the park, which is why when a man can pull off a look that requires some amount of risk to be taken, with colors, it’s all the more impressive and doesn’t go unnoticed. Remember the color wheel when you are pairing your colors. If you do not have the natural inclination to match or coordinate colors, the wheel will help you. A tip from us: The primary color wheel will not have neutral colors because almost everything goes well with black, grey, brown, or white. Knowing this puts you one step closer to becoming a master at pairing your colors carefully.
      4. Don’t shy away from patterns.
      Patterns can be anxiety-inducing, we know! But do not fear. If you can get through colors, you most certainly can get through patterns. All it is is understanding your colors.  One general tip that we find will usually help make this process less frustrating is stripes, plaids, or patterns must be paired with solid colors, including accessories
      5. The texture is essential.
      The texture is significant when coordinating accessories. When it comes to texture, the goal is to achieve a calculated contrast between items, especially between neckwear and pocket squares. Do not mix too many textures. So, if you find that the tie you’re wearing is a textured one, your pocket square in this outfit would be lovely silk.
      6. Remember time and place.
      What you wear is based on where you go. Remember, bright, bold colors and loud patterns are better suited for casual events, while more toned-down pieces work well for business and formal situations.


Okay, so now that we have helped you with how you can wear and pair your wooden accessories with your authentic style. It’s time to help you with caring for your precious jewels so that you can have them as beloved treasures for years to come. Though durable, the lifespan of your wooden accessory will depend on the way you care for it. And while wood watches, rings, bracelets, and sunglasses are structurally strong and durable, they need the care to remain in mint condition.


Keep your wooden accessories and wooden watches in good condition by following these simple steps:


1) Store properly when not being worn - Do not leave your wood jewelry in your car, direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures. We recommend storing your jewelry in an airtight bag at room temperature in a dark place.


2) Do not use perfumes or lotions on your accessories - Avoid the use of hairspray, perfumes, lotions, etc., while wearing your jewelry. Also, be mindful when you wash your hands; some soaps contain harsh chemicals and could damage the wood or cause discoloration.


3) Clean your wooden accessories - Use a cotton cloth to buff in the wood grain’s direction should your wood jewelry look a little dull. Use a dab of beeswax or mineral oil sparingly to enhance the shine or clean as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wooden accessories come in different styles, they’re made of various types of wood, and they have different composition and finishing. You should be aware of all these factors before engaging in cleaning action. It would be best that you speak to A Few Wood Men or look at the documentation you received after you’ve purchased your wooden accessories.

If you get into the habit of taking care of your wooden accessories, they will be the most rewarding and worthwhile investment you ever made. So, let us help you; here are a few things to remember for keeping your wooden jewelry in mint condition:


Sunlight can be a threat to your wooden jewelry.

Protect your watches and rings from direct sunlight. Wooden surfaces can be ruined if they’ve been exposed to UV rays for a long time, so try to provide stable conditions for your accessories. Be mindful when you are on vacation or at the beach that you don’t take your wooden jewelry off and leave them in the Sun.


Moisture and temperature overtime could damage your accessories.

You already know that wood tends to expand after absorbing moisture, so make sure the temperature and humidity in the areas you are storing your accessories are at the right levels and free from moisture. Always store wood jewelry in an air-tight bag to avoid dust and moisture. You can risk damage to your wood jewelry with prolonged exposure to water.


Clean or polish your wooden accessories.

There are times when prevention won’t help, and you’ll get some marks all over your precious wooden surfaces. There is a method that’s commonly used for keeping chess sets in good condition. You’ll just need a cotton cloth and a solution made of water and white vinegar. Use this recipe for cleaning all wooden accessories and surfaces with delicate finishing.

Although it’s recommended that you remove your wooden accessories while showering or swimming, the occasional wash or water is ok so long as you are polishing and maintaining your jewelry. Use a non-abrasive microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface of your wood jewelry daily to avoid dust and dirt buildup.

Today, information is more available to us, and as a result, there has been an emergence content on all the non-toxic, environmentally safe jewelry cleaner and other cleaning products that make it easier than ever to take care of your jewelry while traveling or at home. A Few Wood Men takes care of you and ensures that you are fully equipped with the information you need to care for your wooden accessories.

April 19, 2021