Five Accessories That The Sophisticated Black Man Should Own In 2021

Have you ever seen a well-dressed black man walking confidently down the street?


Is he walking confidently, or is he just a well-dressed black man that you can see gave some added thought to his outfit? He’s both.


The black man who gives thought to his wardrobe is a man who is saying to everyone; here I am. Do you see me? Good. Because I know who I am and how I dress is how I would like to be respected. Thank you in advance.


If you should go inside your mind right now and look at the first confident black man that you thought of when you first started reading - you may realize that he has something in common with other sophisticated and successful men - their attention to detail!


That’s right, and there’s no misconstruction of the famous phrase - “the devil is in the details” because no proper gentleman’s attire is complete without a few manly accessories.


It is a thoughtful process - accessorizing a man’s outfit, and any lapse in judgment can throw off what was a perfect attempt at dressing to impress. Unlike women, men’s options for accessories are somewhat limited. Still, every man needs five foundation accessories, and that can undoubtedly bump him up to five notches higher on the ‘classic man and their successful habits’ scale.


So, if you want in on the secret of what makes some men look more confident and even more stylish than others, here are the five accessories that the sophisticated black man should own in 2021 to win the attention of the room:




There is absolutely nothing sexy or even efficient about reaching into your pockets, ruffling through your bag, or looking around for your cellphone when someone asks you for the time. There’s a reason men usually receive timepieces as gifts for milestones - this is because a good watch is a symbol of progression, a visible sign that you have crossed over into a new standard for yourself.


If you’re still thinking you do not need to own a watch in this decade or ever, think again. If you think about it, a watch is the first piece of jewelry that a boy or man ever receives or gets for himself because, for men, the two things anyone will notice about him first are his shoes and HIS WATCH. The sophisticated black man understands Why Everyman needs to wear a Wristwatch and the importance of wearing a classic timepiece, especially in a professional environment or social space. There are several traditional and functional timepieces that, unlike a cell phone, you do not need to break the bank to acquire and are certainly more lasting! A classic watch like “The Eric'' Few Wood Men Wood Watch brings a touch of class and sophistication to the modern black man who invests in worthy timepieces.


The Eric Watch

Besides the functionality of watches being used to tell time, they offer more than what a smartphone can give - an established and profound identity in self. Even without being a fan of timepieces, its evolution as an accessory has been remarkable, in that you do not need to wear designer watches to feel good about yourself, An elegantly designed timepiece that is stainless steel and birch-wood inspired with clean white accents and clear, scratch-resistant face made from Hardlex material with gunpowder colored metal hardware can be the ultimate contemporary timepiece, that will make even a simple ‘White T’ and joggers, look stylish. Here at ‘A Few Wood Men,’ we know our watches, and for the young man who is on his journey to sophistication,  there is a wide variety of masterpieces to match his style, identity and let him feel good about himself. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down - a watch can improve your chances at making a bold statement of - ‘I’ve got style.’


Trust us - Watches are still worth wearing!




Listen. Every man must have at least one pair of sunglasses; This is not debatable people! Here’s why sunglasses are essential to own.


Let’s talk about the functionalities first for a bit, so we can show you why this is not a request or even a sales pitch - it is a basic human expectation, a right even! Okay, so we’re not going to get carried away; this is just us looking out for you, our family. It is also a requirement as stated by medical professionals and all the people who now own sunglasses and regret not owning one sooner -  we should listen to their advice.


Sunglasses protect your eyes from elements (such as prolonged exposure to the Sun) that can have damaging effects on your eyesight and stand between you having a great time on that road trip you spent months planning and the Doctor’s office.


Protection for your eyes should be enough to convince you to get your first pair. But just in case we haven’t convinced you yet, owning a pair of sunglasses also helps to facilitate safer driving. It is important to note that while some sunglasses help with a clearer vision when driving in weather conditions such as rain, they primarily help make a drive more comfortable, especially when driving in bright or sunny conditions.


Also, for those men who want to keep it together in emotional situations and be healthy - reaching for and putting on your sunglasses is like disappearing to your place of privacy and reverence in the middle of a crowd if you are unable to quietly and respectfully slip away, say at funerals or memorials.


Our favorite pair to own for any of these conditions is definitely "The Isaac Sunglasses". Who is "The Isaac?"


It’s the perfect pair of sunglasses for the black man who wants to say I am calm, relaxed, and collected, without having to do too much to portray this. The Austin is an elegantly crafted, natural wood pair of sunglasses with UV protection, mirror effect that’s polarized for optimal performance. In short, these are classy, manly, effective, safe, comfortable, durable, exceeds expectations, and oh wait; we said short. But you get the picture. Allow these A Few Wood Men Isaac Sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy and protected while still making you look stylish!


Sunglasses are never going out of fashion any day soon so getting a timeless piece is worth the investment! While you’re at it - get Two! So you can have options to switch up the look sometimes - We promise you won’t regret owning more than one pair.


  1. A MULTIFUNCTIONAL RING (That’s not your wedding band)


Let’s face it, the sophisticated black man is attractive! He’s so because of his confidence, his intellect, his character, and his style. And suppose there’s not already a Queen with princes and princesses guarding his heart. In that case, he’s putting a little bit more effort than usual into his style purely for attraction purposes, and he wants the opposite sex to picking up on this subtleness. We can think of no other accessory that makes this at all possible! So, gentlemen, if you were planning on getting the ladies’ attention for 2021, this is a good place and accessory to start with. Why?


It gives her a reason to reach out and touch your hand after inquiring about your unique band (that’s not a wedding ring) and how absolutely charming it looks. If you want to test our advice, we know just the ring: The Lamont - oooh fancy!


The Lamont Ring sports sleek stylings that go under the radar for distinguished and caring black men. This ring's body is complete with Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide, while the KOA Wood inlay demonstrates the strength and vitality of the man who wears it. A ring definitely shows off a man’s style and how meticulous he is based on the material/s that his ring is made up of. Therefore, do not feel limited to the thought that a man’s ring should be a wedding band or that it has to be gold and silver. Exotic materials such as wood finishings make all the difference in a ring that stands out, especially for those men with nice hands; what better way to accentuate those fingers or complement a classy timepiece? Even in your most casual outfits, the ring may be a small accessory but do not discount its significance.




Alright, so we already know this one is ‘iffy’ for some men, and yes, you could pull off a sharp look without this accessory but remember, we are here to help you win the year. And it is on this merit that the bracelet certainly needs to be tabled for consideration.

 So, here’s why we think bracelets are an accessory you don’t simply overlook.

Gone are the days that men are wearing metal or copper bracelets, and good riddance to those. The evolution of the bracelet made of wood is undoubtedly giving life to the everyday outfit and typical attire of a man. Wooden bracelets complete each fashion, underline the personality, provide a unique style, and have a special meaning or connection to the wearer. Some bracelets are even for Health purposes, and if you’re mostly into spiritual health, you can select from your pick of bracelets that are meant to heal as much as they were created to be tasteful and fashionable!

A bracelet also makes a statement, one that says:  “I meant to dress this way,” and If you want to take the time out to look good. It is a great conversation starter!


Here’s the thing, bracelets are equally personality pieces as any other accessories, and each bead or charm or design comes with a story that makes it interesting to wear.

Let’s Talk about durability!

Bracelets are quite the quality made accessories - they are known for their strong materials and their inability to damage easily! For this, the initial investment for a bracelet can be as costly as your day to day timepiece. Still, when you think about the versatility of this accessory, it’s definitely worth it! And it’s Leather Weather! With A Few Wood Men this season! You can upgrade your wardrobe with a few leather bracelets or even purchase a gift for a friend. Nothing says sophisticated like a man in leather. The Anwar Bracelet is the perfect accessory to accentuate your growing sense of style and the ideal accessory for every occasion.




By now, you’re probably thinking, a wallet? Who even notices a wallet. Well, for one - sophisticated men, that’s who. Not convinced yet? Okay, imagine standing in line at the checkout counter of your favorite men’s wear store or that high-end restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, and you got the chance to because the most beautiful women you’ve ever met finally agreed to let you take her out to dinner… imagining? Okay good. Now imagine it’s a busy evening and the cashier or waiter is being held up by some guy who didn’t just leave his wallet, no, he doesn’t own one, and he’s digging through his pockets or some sling-over bag that he brought with him to find his cash or card. He’s not even wearing a watch! Besides making you impatient, what do you think about this guy?


Okay… now imagine this guy is you. See? People notice when you don’t have a wallet, and they most certainly notice when you do.


Do not be dissuaded from carrying a wallet, especially if the optics are what concern you. Gone are the days when wallets were an inconvenience to put in your pocket because it was too bulky, and yes, it goes without saying that money clips and cardholders are trending, but a wallet is a must-have for a man. There are especially new designs that make it all the more convenient to carry your wallet and still get the convenience a money clip provides and the spaces a cardholder does - all in one accessory. What a wallet offers is similar to what a purse offers a woman; organization. The sophisticated man is organized, and his organization skill is a critical factor in his success.


A wallet helps to keep all your essential day-to-day documents in one place - business cards, banking cards, money, family pictures, driver’s license, and other forms of identification cards.


The Joshua Customized Wallet is meant to speak to the hearts of men that matter the most. Speak to his discipline, his responsibility, and his protectiveness. The Joshua is durable yet lightweight; comfortable, and reliable for out-of-town trips or vacations; this wallet carries credit cards, cash, and passports.


As simple as it is, a wallet can let you appear to be well put together. Money clips are not as functional or as sustainable. If you think about it long enough, the wallet is much better.


Let’s face it, black men are fashion kings, and how they are perceived and how they see themselves forms a better part of their reality. So, he must be serious about himself to be taken seriously. Accessorizing is important to emphasize his commitment to investing in himself. If we were to rank in order of importance, we would say wallet, watch, sunglasses. The ring and bracelet are a toss-up depending on your preferences. Nevertheless, all five are a symbol of good taste and style, sending a message when you step in any room - there goes a classic man. Owning all these 5 pieces will definitely give the impression that not only do you care about your self-image - but that you are a responsible and sophisticated black man.

March 15, 2021