Enhancing The Image of The Black Man in America

The Image of the Black Man in America has been under scrutiny since our ancestors arrived in the United States. How our men appear before the public eye is negatively portrayed as aggressive, combative, dangerous, unprofessional, uneducated, lazy, and lacking in intelligence and potential. In actuality, media portrayals are far removed from the actual reality we call the African American Man. They are the pillars that make America such a grand country and have laid the foundation for where our county is today—making magnificent contributions to the development of our Nation, paving the way for America greatness.


In a series of articles, we here at A Few Wood Men feel it is our calling to propel narratives that highlight our rich heritage and promote exemplary imagery of African American Men. The fashion statements we create in our brand accentuate Black Excellence and exudes an aura of confidence and pride reminding us of where we come from and where we are going while paying homage to our ancestors who made strides so that we might have life abundantly. 


Allow us to highlight a few pioneers and leaders within our community that not only paved the way, and speaks to how they are embodied within the spirit of our brand.


Black Excellence In American History


A notable mention to start would be the honorable Frederick Jones, who invented the first portable air conditioning unit. His invention was used largely in-field military hospitals keeping wounded soldiers comfortable while they recovered from injuries sustained while fighting. Jones had at least 60 patents on various inventions including refrigeration for food transport trucks. His patented invention allowed for ships to transport products across fast distances and allow consumers to consume fresh produce, otherwise accessible as a canned good. 



 Wooden Watches for The Distinguished Gentleman


The William Wooden Watch 


The first wooden watch that we would like to highlight is the “William Wooden Watch “which has a deep uniform mahogany wood color that is sleek, and elegant. Subtly catching your attention as it speaks boldly with confidence, prestige, and class. This watch is to be worn by the entrepreneur, the highest of professionals, and upwardly mobile.


The Eric Wooden Watch


The Eric Wooden Watch consists of a clear, scratch-resistant face made from Hardlex material with gunpowder colored metal hardware. This stainless steel and birch-wood inspired with clean white accents is the ultimate contemporary watch to add to your collection.


The Keenan Wooden Watch 


The Keenan Wooden Watch was created for the casual, laid-back gentlemen. It’s a timepiece with a light sand color and black contrast that catches your eye. Smooth calm and collected is the mantra for this men’s watch. Build with elements of Zebra and maple wood, this timepiece meshes well with a stroll on the beach or while laying up at the local coffee shop with a cappuccino drink. 


Black Man Drinking Coffee


A Wooden Watch Inspired by Spike Lee Movies


The Adrian


Another wooden watch that we’d like to highlight is the Adrian wooden watch. This watch is a mixture of pine and mahogany wood with alternating shades of brown. The first person that comes to mind when looking at this watch is the legendary film producer Spike Lee. This has the movie “Do the Right thing” written all over it. Reminiscent of the 90’s hip hop culture east coast Brooklyn New York vibe. 



A perfect gift for The Military Man


The Stephen Wooden Watch


The Stephen Wooden Watch is one of my personal favorites and is a symbol of the strength and willpower associated with our black men. I highly recommend purchasing this watch as a men’s military gift because of its bold jet black finish as a symbol of courage, and boldness. The foundation of America rests on the shoulders of our ancestors and our liberty, freedom, and fight for equality have largely in part can be attributed to black military veterans. Paying homage to our black military leaders and commemorating their efforts empowers our vision and direction for our future.


Our Value Proposition For Men's Watches

Every men’s luxury watch that we sell comes with its own wooden watch case that protects your watch but also makes a statement of its own.  It is a stylish and elegantly crafted timepiece for watch collectors to cherish and protect the luxury watches.


Men's Bracelets That Are Set Apart 

The entire bracelet collection gives me feelings of nostalgia and fervent passion that make me want to scream Wakanda Forever! They are the epitome of black kingship, black heritage, black unity, and clenched fist raised in the air in the air symbolizing solidarity and unified strength. These men’s bracelets are more than a fashion statement, they represent our heritage, and serves as a reminder as to where our home truly is.


Men's Bracelet's Inspired by Black Panther  

men's black braclet

gold men's braclet

Many have likened our bracelets to Chadwick Boseman and the Black Panther Movie. 



The black and gold leather bracelet looks like a perfect match to the gold necklace worn by Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther as well.




About A Few Wood Men 

Our brand makes men our men look good, it speaks to who we are, where we are going, and what we have overcome past and present. Buying a watch from us not only supports our brand, but it also changes our image and helps us to ultimately take steps toward equality for men of color.  




A Few Wood Men




August 11, 2020