The Best Gift Ideas For Men
The Best Gift Ideas For Men

Buying a gift for men can sometimes be a little overwhelming when you are considering someone near and dear to your heart. You want to make sure the gift is something they can enjoy and be excited about while at the same time cherished and commemorated. Translating your gratitude and appreciation to the gift recipient on a special occasion requires a lot of thought and careful attention to what they value.


  • Buying a gift card does translate into how much you care for someone
  • Picking out clothing items may be tough because you have to match the right size fit, style, brand, and color that fits the person.
  • A Superior gift is one that is embraced for a lifetime while some are remembered only for a season.


Here is a helpful guide to selecting a gift for men for a variety of occasions. We’ll highlight awesome gift ideas and opportunities to celebrate men’s excellence while generating lifetime memories.


Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day June 20, 2021

Many people do not know about the history of father’s day, but it has a fascinating history being founded here in the United States. Mostly, the holiday was established by Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to show her appreciation to her single father, William Jackson Smart, for raising six children on his own.  

It’s always a great way to say thank you with a card and giving a gift that leaves a lasting impression. A wood watch is an excellent gift for men because it can serve dually as a symbol of love and appreciation. As someone checks the time and takes a glance at their wrist, he is reminded of the relationship they have with the giver.

Although Father’s Day has recently past, it’s never too early to consider a gift for someone next year. Heck, every day is a good day to celebrate Father’s Day and pay homage to the positive impact of male figures in our lives.

 First Fathers Day

Celebrating His First Father’s Day

 If you are expecting a child in the future, it would be a great idea to support your spouse and show them your appreciation as you celebrate the birth you a child. Buy him a wooden watch to commemorate and rejoice about fatherhood.


Don’t Forget to Buy A Gift For Your Mentor

Oh, we didn’t want to leave out those special people who pour into our lives and help us to become the person we are today. It could be a couch, a professor, teacher, or close relative that helped you tremendously. 

 happy father

Wallet Engraving

One excellent way to commemorate and cherish the addition of a new family member for generations is to create a lasting image on a commonly used item.


 nipsey hussle RIP

Watch engraving

When you purchase one of our luxury watches, we are happy to engrave a memorable message. We can engrave up to 30 characters on any wooden watch of your liking. Mention a meaningful date, word of encouragement, your favorite proverb, words of wisdom, or an expression of your love.


Gift for A grieving Friend or Family Member

A gift can help aid someone who is grieving and help them to dwell on a fond memory of a loved one and cherish a relationship that has ended. If you are looking for ways in which you can help someone through their grieving process, visit the article regarding tips for supporting someone grieving.


Anniversary Gift For Men

Anniversary Gift for Men

How many years are your celebrating being together? If you are celebrating your first anniversary together, why not start your second year with a symbolic message of what is to come in the future? Branching off to select a luxurious wooden watch is undoubtedly off the beaten path and a unique gift. It’s not every day that you hear of the wooden watch concept as a gift idea, and when your man shows his watch off to his friends and family, they know you went above and beyond to show you care.


With whatever milestone that you reach in your relationship, reward your spouse with the best luxury watch brand around.


Gift Idea for Boss Day

Get a group of employees together to pitch $15-$20 to purchase a wooden watch for an exceptional manager or supervisor within your organization. If there is someone that you appreciate at work, be sure to show them how you feel about them. Perhaps you plan to purchase a modest gift that not particularly expensive. You can pool a decent amount of money together and then allow your manager to browse through our luxury watch collection and pick out a design that best fits their style.


We almost forgot to mention that we have a partnership with AfterPay to provide our patrons with flexibility by allowing purchases to spread over four equal payments. You can shop on a budget and still sport our luxury watch designs without breaking the bank.


 Apple Watch band

Do you like Apple Watches?

What kind of question is that? Everyone likes apple watches! We love apple products too, so much that we created an apple watch band to add a new classy, elegant tech-savvy feel to the already impressive watch series. If you don’t have a lot of cash to allocate to a gift, consider our apple watch band as a practical and affordable gift.


Wooden Watches Are great A Great Birthday Gift

Sum up a great birthday party with an excellent gift for a friend, spouse, or family member. Throw in a unique looking wooden watch after singing happy birthday is like putting a cherry on top of a deluxe hot fudge sundae.


college graduation gift

Graduation Gifts for Men

A graduation ceremony can mean many different things to our future generations. The Door to new opportunities are open, and new horizons are at hand, and the future is bright! The wooden watch is a symbol of the status obtained. This occasion warrants a unique gift that speaks to the recipient’s character, determination, excellence, and professionalism. 


  • High School Graduation
  • College Graduation
  • Law School Graduation gift
  • Medical School Graduation gift


Gifts for Military Men

For brave men that dedicate their life to serving as a member of the in the United States Armed Forces, any occasion is appropriate to provide a gift for their dedication. As a whole, our culture focuses on military appreciation month to show gratitude in addition to a few holidays.


  • Veterans Day – Wednesday, November 11, 2020
  • Independence Day Weekend
  • Memorial Day Monday, May 31, 2021


Wedding Groomsman

Wedding Gift Ideas

If you are attending a wedding or if you are apart of a wedding party, a watch is a great gift to give for the occasion. They make great gifts for groomsman, the best man, or the Groom.


Gift Cards For Buying Wooden Watches For Men

If you have a hard time selecting a wood watch style that is a perfect fit, let the recipient choose what fits them the most. Click here to take a look at A Few Wood Men Gift Card as an option.

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